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Monday, July 23, 2018

Bigg Boss 10: Will Salman Khan reprimand Bani J for physically attacking Lopamudra Raut?

Rohan Mehra was nominated for the entire season on Bigg Boss when during a task, he pushed Swami Om out of anger.

Written by Priyanka Sharma | Mumbai | Published: January 13, 2017 4:35:05 pm
salman-bani-lopa-759 Bigg Boss 10: The channel awaits Salman Khan’s reaction on Bani-Lopamudra scuffle.

Will Salman Khan take on Bani J in the Weekend ka Vaar episode or not? That’s the question uppermost in the mind of Bigg Boss 10 viewers. Bani J has been spared by Bigg Boss till now but will the trend continue this weekend?

The TV personality got into an ugly fight with Lopamudra Raut and it ended in a physical fight. Lopa had provoked Bani by mentioning her mother during the luxury budget task, which was meant to irritate the other person. Salman is known for advising and, many times, scolding the contestants for their behaviour on the show, and Bani’s physical fight sure falls in that category.

Of course for Bani’s followers, who trended ‘I Stand by Bani’ on Twitter yesterday,  the actor’s aggression was just a reaction to Lopa’s provocation. In all fairness, the episode featuring the scuffle is yet to air and it will only be tonight when the audience will know what exactly transpired between the two contestants.

But the sneak peek, showing Bani choking Lopa’s waist, is enough for the viewers to gauge that she did cross the line and showed physical aggression, which in Bigg Boss’ language is ‘condemnable’. Lopa retaliated but did not start the fight.

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Now, reports have emerged hat Bani has been let go with a ‘warning’, which was also given to Lopa. The VJ-actor was seen chilling and relaxing in the live feed while her arch-rival looked visibly upset, proving that Bani was not punished.

This brings the audience to the question- why has Bani not given a severe punishment when she was seen choking Lopa’s waist? Earlier, Rohan Mehra was nominated for the entire season for pushing Swami Om during a task and was not even allowed to participate in the Ticket to Finale task.

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It has emerged that Lopa raised the same question after the fight. According to a source, it is being anticipated that Salman will give a piece of his mind to Bani for her action.

There have also been reports that the makers haven’t taken any decision yet because they are waiting for Salman’s take on the issue. The superstar will be shooting for Weekend ka Vaar today and one can only wait to see how Salman condemns physical violence of this nature, one of the extremes in the history of the reality show.

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