Bigg Boss 10: Who will be evicted from the house this week. Cast your votes here

Bigg Boss 10: Who will be evicted from the house this week. Cast your votes here

Bigg Boss 10: Contestants have been given a chance to enter into the finale week directly with Ticket to Finale task.

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Bigg Boss 10: Mona Lisa herself is least interested to go ahead in the game.

After Swami Om’s unceremonious ouster from the Bigg Boss house, the contestants danced a happy dance for two reasons. One, the exit of Swami Om and second, the remaining nominated contestants were saved for another week. However, the happiness does not stay for long when you are a part of the TV reality show, Bigg Boss 10.

Carrying forward the nominations this week, Bani J, Lopamudra, Rohan, Nitibha and Mona Lisa have once again got the elimination sword hanging on their heads. Manveer is not only safe for another week but has also been made the captain of the house. Manoj Punjabi shares the same fate as his friend in the house.

Now, since the most hated contestant Swami Om is out, the big question is who will be the one to get evicted from the show at such a crucial stage.

Who do you think will get evicted from the house this week? Cast your votes here.


Take a closer look at the 12-week long journey of the nominated contestants, it appears as if Mona Lisa had given up a long time back. Though she has been a point of discussion among the audience for her equation with Manoj Punjabi but she herself looks uninterested in the game. In Monday’s episode too, she was comfortable taking the last rank.

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On the other hand, Nitibha Kaul, who maintained a low profile for a long time on the show, got into action after she realised the importance of being seen and heard on the show.

Lopamudra, Bani J, and Rohan Mehra have contributed to the show by creating controversies. Keeping up with the trend of the show, three of them have created chaos to secure a place at the center stage.

With less than three weeks to go for the finale, contestants have been given a chance to enter into its finale week directly with Ticket to Finale task. Until Monday it was known that the task requires the two contestants to go into a mall and ask for votes from the public. But now there is a twist to it. The contestants first have to compete in a qualifier to the ticket to finale week. Last two contestants to survive in the task will become the contenders for the Ticket to Finale week task and have a final face-off at a mall in Mumbai.

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According to the reports, earlier it was known that it will be a tough fight between arch-rivals Bani J and Lopamudra. Now, there are speculations around best friends Manoj Punjabi and Manveer fighting against each other for Ticket to Finale. It will be interesting to see who will enter the finale week.