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Friday, January 22, 2021

Bigg Boss 10: Swami Om has brought more disgust to the show, than TRPs

Swami Om has been using cheap gimmicks in the name of entertainment from the first day of the show.

Written by Arushi Jain | New Delhi | Updated: December 12, 2016 1:16:40 pm
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Television reality show, Bigg Boss has become known among the small screen audience through its crass fights, budding friendships and lovey-dovey moments between contestants. Admit it or not but the followers of the show did enjoy the mean fights between Imam Siddique-Urvashi Dholakia, Kushal Tandon-VJ Andy, Dolly Bindra-Manoj Tiwari and many more.

This season too started on the same note. But what promised the show to be bigger and better this time was its interesting twist of introducing commoners as housemates along with the celebrity contestants. But it looks like the twist has backfired. Despite having a strong fan base, the show has failed to make it to the list of the top shows running on television right now. Apart from an absence of interesting participants, gripping tasks and a dull atmosphere inside the house, one more reason for its shattering ratings is Swami Om.

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Swami Om who entered the house as a commoner went over the board to turn his commoner status into a celebrity one. Since day one, he has been using cheap gimmicks in the name of entertainment. Blame him or grill him for doing so, and you will see him with folded hands, teary eyes and only one word on his lips, ‘kshama-daan’ or ‘sorry”. If this does not work, he has another weapon to walk away from all the allegations and that is, Bigg Boss and the audience likes his ways of adding spice to the show.


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The self-proclaimed godman has a moralistic take on everything that happens inside the house, especially where women are involved. He passes judgements on them on the basis of what they wear but when he swims in the pool with the female contestants, he is only there to accompany his ‘betiyan’.


His ‘moral lessons’ might have irked the contestants of the house but for Salman Khan, the host of the show, he was once the best entertainer. In fact, once Salman had even urged the contestants to never nominate Swami for eviction else all the fun and spice will leave the house too.

Despite being cornered by all the housemates and also after being given the tag of a ‘liar’ inside the house, Swami remains unaffected by their opinions and plays the game in a way that pleases only him. But not to forget, he is playing the game only for the good of Indians! He does not want a single penny of the prize money if he wins the show because he has renounced all the worldly pleasures. All he wants to keep with him are the things which he has stolen from the house, a bag full of toiletries and branded perfumes!


If you find it difficult to recall his disgusting acts, here is all that he did in the house to ‘entertain’ the audience:

1. Swami Om to Bani: Your mother will die.
Since Bani chose to support Gaurav in the captaincy task between Gaurav and Priyanka Jagga, Swami Om threatened Bani that her mother will die if she will not support Priyanka. His comment left the viewers agitated and no wonder some chose to switch to another channel as well. Not just the common people, ex-Bigg Boss contestants too lashed out at Swami and expressed their support for Bani on social media. We wonder what would have happened if Swami did the same outside the house.

2. Swami Om to Rohan: I don’t know what ‘sankaars’ your parents have given you.
After Rohan became the captain of the house for the second time in a row, he chose Swami for the jail punishment. This is when Swami went on to call Rohan names and tell him that his parents haven’t imbibed good values in him. Salman Khan took his class too and warned him that he cannot talk ill about anyone’s family.

3. Swami Om on Akanksha Sharma: A woman who could not stay loyal to one man, how would she be loyal to others.
In the first week of the show, Akanksha Sharma revealed the secrets of her failed marriage with Yuvraj Singh’s brother Zoravar Singh to Gaurav Chopra. The discussion didn’t include him at all but he had the guts to warn Gaurav about her. He told Gaurav to stay away from Akanksha who intends to trap him. There is more to it. He passed a sexist comment on Akanksha saying, “jo ek aadmi ki nahi ho payi woh kisi aur ki kya hogi”

4. Swami Om to Deepika Padukone: I kicked a woman for exposing.
In the premiere episode of Salman Khan’s show, Swami revealed to Deepika Padukone that when the late Elizabeth Taylor visited him in India, he kicked her on the waist to teach her a lesson for exposing.

5. Swami Om urinated in kitchen

For the luxury budget task, the contestants had to pay some money to Manveer and Bani J to access the basic amenities in the house. Since Swami Om needed to use the washroom, Manveer asked him to pay Rs 100 but Swami refused to do so. The agitated Swami threatened to pee in the kitchen itself. Manveer did not pay heed to Swami’s threats. Swami then went ahead and urinated in the kitchen itself.

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