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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Bigg Boss 10: Peeing on contestants was not the worst thing Swami Om did

Bigg Boss 10: From peeing on national television to passing insulting comments on female contestants, Swami Om has done it all.  

Written by Arushi Jain | New Delhi | Updated: January 6, 2017 5:54:09 pm
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Season 10 of Bigg Boss promised to be bigger and better in comparison to its previous seasons. The big twist of hosting commoners in the house gave the makers of the show a hope for soaring TRPs. The show did gain popularity but unfortunately for all the wrong reasons.

Swami Om, who became synonymous with controversies, has been expelled from the controversial reality show after he urinated on his fellow contestants Bani J and Rohan Mehra. It was already getting difficult for the housemates to keep Swami in his limits. And now even Manu and Manveer did not wish to get their hands dirty by making Swami understand the severity of situation.

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From the day he stepped inside the house, Swami has invited tongue lashing from his fellow contestants, star host Salman Khan and also the viewers of the show for demeaning the female contestants.

Here is a list of his nasty acts that landed him in trouble and finally got him thrown out of the show by the security guards.

1. Swami Om urinates on national television, hides apples in washroom

Swami Om revelled in his ugly side. The first time the audience was forced to switch to another channel was when he urinated in the kitchen area. Not only did he pee in the kitchen, but also hid fruits in the washroom of inbuilt jail in the house. The man really is confused about the purpose of a kitchen and a washroom. All of this he did only to prove his mettle during the luxury budget tasks.

2. Swami Om tells Bani that your mother shall die

In a fit of anger and during a task where he was supporting his so-called daughter and ex-Bigg boss contestant Priyanka Jagga, Swami tells Bani that if she will not let Priyanka win, her mother will die. His comment left the viewers and previous season’s contestants agitated. Everyone chose to express their disgust on social media. Salman Khan too lost his cool and told him that from now on he will address him as Om, citing that he has bought shame to the title Swami.

3. Swami Om passes derogatory comments on female contestants

The man who calls himself the son of India and is alive only to serve the country talked ill about women of the house every now and then. From calling Mona Lisa characterless to tagging Lopamudra ugly, the man did it all. He didn’t give his moralistic take only on women inside the house. He had the courage to tell Deepika Padukone that when the late Elizabeth Taylor visited him in India, he kicked her to teach her a lesson for exposing.

4. Swami Om has been violent in the show at various instances

During a love letter task, Swami was made the warden of the boys hostel. He took his role-play too seriously and threatened to hit Rohan with a heavy object. When Rohan refused to come out of the washroom, he banged the door open with force.
A few days back, while performing a task Swami decides not to let Rohan Mehra win a task. For this, he pulled Rohan from his neck and blocked his way while he was running into the igloo. Rohan got minor injuries but didn’t complain about it.

5. Swami Om made personal attacks on the contestants.

Mona Lisa, Manu Punjabi, and Rohan became a target of Swami’s unsavoury comments. He questioned Rohan’s upbringing and called him names. He told him that his parents haven’t imbibed good values in him.
Mona Lisa had to listen to insulting comments of Swami for her friendship with Manu Punjabi. He told the cameras that Mona got cosy with Manu and slept close to him during a task. He had the courage to tell her that she is double dating her fiancee and is of questionable character.

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Manu has always been possessive about his girlfriend Priya Saini but Swami Om can go to any extent to irk people. He commented on Manu’s live-in relationship with Priya and told him that he has been using her for fun.

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