Bigg Boss 10 November 9 preview: Swami Om is back in the game

Bigg Boss 10 November 9 preview: Bigg Boss burns the rulebook of the house ending the division between Indiawale and celebrities.

Written by Arushi Jain | New Delhi | Updated: November 10, 2016 1:24:27 pm
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If we have to describe the television reality show Bigg Boss in two words, it has to be twists and turns. The fourth week in the Bigg Boss house has been a game changer until now and it promises to come up with much more surprises for the audience of the show in the coming days.

Though Swami Om’s eviction from the house left both the Indiawale and the audience stunned, Swami Om managed to hog limelight even after being eliminated from the house. But surprisingly this time it was not him who did something special to attract attention. Rather, Bigg Boss served him with all the attention by sending him to a secret room from where he observed the inmates of the house closely to understand their game plan. And now after watching over them for some days, he will return to the Bigg Boss house tonight.

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It will be interesting to see how his return will change the equations among the housemates as he will reveal the real face of the contestants in a ‘Pardaphash’ task given to him by Bigg Boss. Swami Om tells Mona Lisa that Manu’s love and concern towards her are fake and he has claimed in front of the cameras that he is alone and has only one friend outside the Bigg Boss house. Also, he blames Manu for ditching Lokesh whom he considers his sister. But it seems Swami Om’s revelations will upset Manu as he will misbehave with him. It is not only Manu who will get angry with Swami, Mona Lisa too will lash out at him for maligning her image on the cameras.

But before we witness the power packed return of Swami Om, Bigg Boss will drop a big bomb on the inmates of the house. After repeated violation of rules in the house, Bigg Boss has decided to cut down this week’s luxury budget as a punishment. He even offers them to take back Swami Om in the house and give up their luxury budget for him. Rahul Dev sarcastically asks his fellow housemates, what will they do if Swami Om returns. Even Manoj Punjabi is not in favour of bringing back Swami in the house. And everyone unanimously chose the luxury budget over him.

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Meanwhile, we see Lokesh singing the title track of “Tum Bin” and Swami Om mocks at her for humming a romantic number. He even tries to accompany her while sitting in the secret room.

The rule book of the Bigg Boss house will be set on fire in today’s episode as Bigg Boss has decided to merge the housemates as ‘gharwaale’. From now on there will be no Maliks and Sewaks in the house. Also, they will not be tagged as Indiawale or celebrities any longer. The real game of Bigg Boss will begin now.

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