Bigg Boss 10 November 26 preview: Swami Om pushes Salman Khan too far, actor walks out of Bigg Boss house

Bigg Boss 10 November 26 preview: Swami Om pushes Salman Khan too far, actor walks out of Bigg Boss house

Bigg Boss 10: Contestants of the house lash out at Swami Om for his behaviour with Salman Khan. Priyanka Jagga, Jason Shah, Elena Kazan and Sahil Anand enter Bigg Boss house as wild card entrants.

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Bigg Boss 10: Swami Om interrupts Salman Khan as he tries to make him understand the consequences of his bad behaviour.

Until now, Swami Om was only getting on the nerves of the housemates of Bigg Boss 10 but now he has irritated the host of the show, Salman Khan, and everybody knows what that means.

Since 2010 when he started hosting the show, Salman is known for not taking any nonsense from the contestants of Bigg Boss. But this time, many fingers were pointed at him for not standing up against the sexist comments of Swami Om who entered the house as a commoner.

Last weekend, Salman zipped the lips of haters by taking Swami’s class for his derogatory comments. He tried to make him understand the consequences of his behaviour. But Swami Om once again crossed the line this week by commenting on Rohan’s family. While Salman grills Swami Om for his unacceptable words, Swami gets into a defensive mode and interrupts the actor when he is trying to make him understand the severity of his actions. Miffed with Swami’s unstoppable rants, Salman applauds the housemates’ decision of boycotting him.

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Furthermore, Swami continues to put across his point and this is when Salman loses his cool and walks out from the house. The contestants — who are unaware of wild card entries about to enter the house — lash out at Swami for misbehaving with Salman.

Later, former Bigg Boss winner Gautam Gulati and contestant Mandana Karimi will join ‘Salman Ki Sabha’ and will express their opinions about the contestants of the Bigg Boss 10 house. Gautam finds Bani in a similar position as he was and encourages her to continue playing the game the way she is playing. Both Gautam and Mandana feels there still exists the imaginary wall between commoners and celebrities, which is acting like a hindrance in their performances.

After so much drama, it will be interesting to see how the contestants will welcome the new housemates. Stay tuned to this space to know who gets the warmest welcome — Priyanka Jagga, Jason Shah, Elena Kazan, or Sahil Anand. While Priyanka has her share of friends and enemies inside the Bigg Boss 10 house given her one week stay in the house, Sahil has history with Bani from the time they appeared on Roadies. Will these contestants manage to add that much-needed tadka on Bigg Boss 10 house? We will keep our fingers crossed.