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In Bigg Boss 10, Bani is the most selfish contestant: Navin Prakash opens up after eviction

Bigg Boss 10 evicted contestant Navin Prakash bares all in an exclusive chat, says his life has changed after the show. He also singles out Bani J as the one who should be thrown out of the house.

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Freshly evicted contestant Navin Prakash thinks his Bigg Boss 10 journey was a memorable one. Navin, who entered the house reciting poetry and managed to impress host Salman Khan with his small-town confidence, had a 26-day stint on the show. But each day brought out a never-seen-before side of Navin. It was definitely a mixed bag in terms of his moments on the show.  He entered the house with an agenda to prove that a common man is no less than a celebrity and can give a tough competition to them. Among all the contestants, Navin was the one who played the game logically without letting his emotions come in the way. He even had the patience to tackle Swami Om and was often seen advising him to play a fair game.

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When Salman Khan called his name as the evicted candidate on Weekend ka Vaar on Sunday, many inside and outside the house felt bad. His close friends Manu, Manveer, Mona and Swami Om just couldn’t hold back their tears. While some thought Navin was playing a decent game, others said they had just started enjoying his impulsive nature. But looks like his daily fights and injured shoulder became the primary reason that he got voted out. In an exclusive chat with, Navin got candid about his entire Bigg Boss experience. Here are the excerpts from the interview where he revealed a lot more than what we saw on the show.

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1. “If you don’t have a voice, you are invisible like Rahul Dev and Karan Mehra.”

In the first week, everyone was in a jovial mood but when the tasks began, everyone’s plotting and planning came to fore. When you see things which you cannot digest, you will definitely give a reaction to it, that’s when I showed anger. I never reacted to illogical things. I showed anger to strengthen my team or to subdue the other team because that’s the demand of the situation. If you prefer to remain absent in such times, then you are invisible like Rahul Dev and Karan Mehra, and if you are visible then you are Navin. So I was trying to be that Navin.

2. “Manu and Manveer got more footage even if I performed better.”


I gave my best. I felt during weekend episodes, Manu and Manveer used to get more footage but I used to perform better in all the tasks. All the celebs had their image already. Manu had done a reality show before this. Manveer had a good branding before the start of the show. And amid all this, I was a small face from a small town. I did not have a heroic image. But if you see work wise, I performed better than them. There was not a single time when Manu or Manveer told me something to do, and it wasn’t done.

3. “Being impulsive was a game plan. But people took that negatively.”

After playing for 48 hours, I was the one who ended the laundry task after spilling water. Nine people went against me. So winning the immunity was very important for me. I never did  anything unjust. People should have seen this. Instead of taking it negatively, people should see whatever I did positively, that this guy used his mind to survive. Bigg Boss is not a picnic house and people should have saluted my efforts. But I don’t know why people took it negatively. It was all a game plan inside the house.


4. “Bani is self-centered. She doesn’t deserve to be on the show.”

Bani shouldn’t be there inside the house, because throughout 26 days, a lot of her selfishness was seen. She is self-centered. Not once did she ask anyone, be it celebs or commoners, if they want tea or if they had their meals or if they were in stress, I never saw her caring for anybody.

5. “Now if people recognise me, I would believe Bigg Boss has changed my life.”

I have no idea how life will be now. When I walk on the road or  travel in train, if someone recognises me or talks to me, or if I get a very big offer or contact from any channel, then I would consider that Bigg Boss gave me something. Right now, I haven’t been able to experience the difference.

6. “I would want to become a writer or an anchor.”


I would want to change my line but will continue to do a part-time teaching. Earlier also I used to teach to earn money. I wasn’t a teacher by choice but by compulsion. I knew it as a way to earn money. In future, I would search for jobs in writing or anchoring. I have an interest in teaching, hence I would continue to do something or the other in it.


Navin, who hails from a small town called Jhajha in Bihar, said he would not want to be a part of any more reality shows, as of now. But he would definitely want to stay in touch with his other housemate friends — Manu, Manveer, Lopamudra and Mona. Navin also feels Gaurav Chopra, Bani and Manveer are really playing well and could go a long way if they maintain their strategy. Navin was left gushing when we congratulated him for going inside the house as a commoner and exiting it as a celebrity.

First published on: 14-11-2016 at 08:27 IST
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