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Thursday, February 27, 2020

Bigg Boss 10: Manoj Punjabi reveals his struggles to Swami Om

Bigg Boss 10 : Manoj Punjabi narrates his heart-wrenching story and Swami Om apologises to Gaurav Chopra.

Written by Arushi Jain | New Delhi | Updated: October 28, 2016 1:39:53 pm
swami om, manoj punjabi, bigg boss 10 Bigg Boss 10: Manoj Punjabi and Swami Om are the commoner contestants in Bigg Boss house.

Spice, drama, and action are the three key elements that define the ongoing season of television reality show, Bigg Boss 10. And, as the show is approaching its second eviction on Sunday, the mood in the house is heating up. After winning the second luxury budget task in yesterday’s episode, the Indiawale of the show are happy with their hard work. Meanwhile, Om Swami feels that it is nothing but his prayers and blessings that helped his team win the Laundry task yesterday.

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Returning to their role of Sewaks, celebrities once again take up the responsibility of all the household chores. But, they do not do it without throwing tantrums. Bani, while cleaning the beds, find dirty tissue papers littered around the common bed and accuses Indiawaale of being unhygienic. Bani’s accusations don’t sit well with Nitibha. And, in no time the confrontation turns into an ugly fight.

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In the morning, Bigg Boss asks the inmates of the house to nominate the weaklings from their respective teams who should go to the jail for not performing well in the luxury budget task. Once again Monalisa and Om Swami find themselves under the scanner of their respective teams. But, this time, both of them do not welcome the decision of their teammates. Om Swami thinks that his team is being unfair and is targeting him. Furthermore, Manveer gets irritated with Swami’s reaction and lashes out at him as he feels he was the only one who didn’t contribute to the task.

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After punishing the underperformers, it is time to reward the best performers from the winning team. Bigg Boss asked the team of commoners to nominate two of their team members who performed the best during the Laundry task and should be awarded immunity. Indiawale elects Navin and Lokesh. But, the race for immunity pits them against each other and they enter into a verbal spat.

Amidst the tensed atmosphere, Manu narrates his heart-rending life story to Om Swami. He tells him that how after the death of his father, his family was shattered and how he slept on roads without a shelter or food to eat.

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