Bigg Boss 10: Manoj Punjabi and Mona Lisa’s love life is in trouble. This is the reason

Bigg Boss 10: Manoj Punjabi and Mona Lisa's love story is not going very well with their respective partners outside the Bigg Boss 10 house.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: November 25, 2016 6:53:35 pm
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Romance blossoming inside the Bigg Boss house is nothing new. Either for TRPs or to ensure a longer stay in the house, we have often seen contestants getting up, close and personal. It is a different matter that these romances peter out soon after Bigg Boss house is behind the contestants.

The list of couples who ostensibly found love in the house is getting longer with every season of the controversial reality show. And during Bigg Boss 10, we have Manoj Punjabi and Mona Lisa who are painting the house red with their lovey-dovey moments.

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Maybe all that they are doing is only to save themselves from eviction but Mona Lisa’s real-life boyfriend, Vikrant Singh Rajpoot, whom she will be marrying after walking out from the house, is not very happy with the current track of the show. “We were supposed to get married, but now, I am confused. I know that this is all drama. Once she is out (of the house), things will get sorted. It’s not easy for me or my family to watch this. I told her Veena Malik jaisa kuch nahin karna because the public is smart and cannot be fooled,” Vikrant told Mid-Day. Though he didn’t call it quits directly but Mona Lisa’s love life outside the house is definitely hitting the rocks without her knowledge.

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Not to mention, Swami Om, a few days back talked ill about Mona Lisa’s character on the cameras and narrated stories of Manu and Mona getting cosy in bed. Now, it can’t be said whether it was his words which infuriated Mona Lisa’s fiance or was it something else.

Well, it is not only Mona Lisa’s boyfriend who is upset. There is someone else too outside the house who wants Mona Lisa to keep her hands off Manu. It is Manoj’s alleged girlfriend Priya Saini who is not very happy with Mona’s conduct inside the house. While she defends Manu by saying that he is a friendly person and behaves with everyone in a similar fashion, she puts all the blame on Mona Lisa. “I hate Mona Lisa; she is a despo. She has been nominated so many times in the show. She would not have been able to survive the show, had it not been for Manu. She knows that the day Manu and Manveer (another contestant on the show) abandon her, it would be very difficult for her to stay in the house. That’s the reason she keeps hanging out with both of them and tries to get intimate with Manu by hugging and kissing him,” Priya exploded in an interview with The Times Of India.

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But being in love with Manu from last seven years, she too gets possessive when he spends time with Mona. “I am a normal girl and I do feel insecure at times. I am not with him 24*7, Mona is. I remember one of the episodes where Manu sang a song for Mona. That time I couldn’t control my emotions and started crying as Manu used to sing that same song for me. But later, I composed myself realising that things are not always what they seem to be. I completely trust my fiance,” she said.

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Now after the comments from both Priya Saini and Vikrant Singh Rajpoot, it will be interesting to see what exciting thought will cross the mind of Bigg Boss who is always in a look out for such gossips to bring a twist in the show.

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