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Bigg Boss 10 January 2 preview: Bani Judge asks Swami Om to nominate himself leaving audience in splits

Bigg Boss 10 January 2 preview: Bigg Boss puts housemates in a tricky situation. Will they sacrifice their safe place for others?

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Bigg Boss 10 nominations this week are sure to brew more controversies in the house. Bigg Boss has asked the contestants to nominate each other but this time with a twist. Contestants have to come in the confession room in a pair of two and mutually decide a name among the two who will get nominated. While the decision was already tough, for Bani Judge it got unbearable because she shared the confession room couch with Swami Om, the real trouble maker of the house.

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However, unlike other episodes, this time it is Swami Om who is in trouble because Bani is pulling all stops to convince this man to nominate himself. Bani attempts to touch Swami’s feet and says that when he considers her a ‘Devi’ and even a daughter then why can’t he make a small sacrifice. However, adamant Swami says he will die if he gets nominated. The two run around the confession room chair totally reminding us of Tom and Jerry. The video for sure will leave you in splits.

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WATCH VIDEO | Bigg Boss 10 Jan 2 Review: Bani Judge Troubles Swami Om, Rohan Miffed With Lopamudra

While there is a moment of laughter, some equations in the house are becoming sour. Once tagged as best friends, Rohan Mehra and Lopamudra Raut’s relationship has changed ever since Salman Khan pointed out that the latter is showing Rohan in a bad light and his audiences are not at all happy.

The two will get into a huge verbal spat. While Rohan claims that Lopa doesn’t deserve true friends, Lopa says he doesn’t have any right to point out at what she deserves. She would still remain a friend to him despite all the misunderstandings. Gaurav Chopra’s eviction has already left people guessing about what will happen to Bani, whose only support was Gaurav and now, with quickly changing equations, it would be interesting how the game turns out to be.

Meanwhile, Bigg Boss will also give the housemates a chance to win their lost winning amount. The money which was reduced to around Rs 15 lakhs from Rs 50 lakhs, thanks to Nitibha Kaul and Swami Om, will be back to the original winning amount only if the housemates are successful to perform a task. Will Swami Om create problems once again? Let’s wait and watch. But for now, it would be interesting to know who convinced whom to get nominated.

First published on: 02-01-2017 at 19:05 IST
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