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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Bigg Boss 10 December 22 preview: Mona Lisa meets boyfriend, ends all mistrust

Bigg Boss 10: The contestants gets a relief from the ongoing drama after Bigg Boss announces a task wherein they all can grab a chance to meet their near and dear ones.

Written by Arushi Jain | New Delhi | Published: December 22, 2016 6:29:49 pm
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Emotions take over the Bigg Boss 10 house in tonight’s episode as Bigg Boss gives the contestants a chance to meet their relatives. In the ‘Family App Task’,  a battery is placed in the garden area, charged up to 100%. As Bigg Boss calls the contestants one by one in the activity area and gives them four options to choose from and meet their family members, the battery drains out by a certain percentage. Swami Om and Manoj Punjabi are given the responsibility to make sure that the battery does not drain out entirely.

The first one to get the opportunity to hear from her near and dear ones is Priyanka Jagga. She decides to use 60% battery to meet her kids for 10 mins. As Priyanka’s sons enter the house, contestants keep aside their animosities and share some warm moments with the two kids. Next, Gaurav gets a chance to either talk to his brother over the phone or meet him for two minutes. Gaurav’s happiness sees no bound as he meets his brother for two minutes.

After much hue and cry, Mona Lisa gets to see her boyfriend Vikrant after almost three months. Vikrant enters the house and gives a cold shoulder to Manu and Manveer. He uses the opportunity to express his dislike for both Manoj and Manveer. But before leaving the house, he restores Mona’s belief in herself as he tells her that he loves her very much and won’t leave her under any circumstances.

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Meanwhile, Lopamudra and Priyanka Jagga have another cat fight. Priyanka’s shrieking voice and her crass comments make Lopa lose her cool. She screams her lungs out in outrage while Manveer and Manu try to calm her down. Seeing the temperature of the house touching the roof, Bigg Boss warns Priyanka to keep a check on her language and to not make harsh comments.

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