Bigg Boss 10 Contestant Om Swami Profile, Biography, Photos and Video

Bigg Boss 10 Contestant Om Swami Profile, Biography, Photos and Video

Bigg Boss 10 contestant Om Swami is already hitting headlines for his sexist remarks on the Salman Khan show.

Om Swami was the first contestant of Bigg Boss 10 to enter the house.
Bigg Boss 10 contestant Om Swami was the first to enter the house this season.

Om Swami also known as S Sadachari Saibaba Om Ji was the first contestant of Bigg Boss 10 and made Salman laugh with tears rolling from his eyes. From his very first appearance on the stage, Swami Ji has been talking non-stop. And we are saying so as he cornered Salman by teasing him with the same thing that concerns the whole nation. This 59-year-old Bigg Boss 10 contestant actually claimed that he will get Salman the love of his life, something that nobody has managed to do until now.

Om Swami is a social, religious and political leader. He has a PhD in astrology. He also claims of devoting his life to serving the country and its people.

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And while we were researching about him, we got hold of a shocking video where he is physically abusing a woman on live television. On a news channel’s talk show with two other women panellists, Swami went on to defame a woman completely deviating from the topic he was supposed to speak on. If you thought the fight was just verbal then let’s tell you, the woman and Swami even slapped each other on air.

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This Bigg Boss contestant is already hitting headlines and seems to be totally opposite to what he claims to be. Apparently, Swami Om Ji, who appears to be respectful towards women, given his image, managed to create a stir due to his sexist remarks right from the word go.

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As soon Swami ji entered the house with co-contestant Lopamudra Raut, he began talking about her physical beauty. He followed this behaviour even with other female contestants. During his conversation with Bollywood actor Deepika Padukone, who was the first guest of Bigg Boss 10, he addressed her as Lakshmi Devi. He even tried to explain to her how he once kicked a woman to teach her a lesson for exposing.

Just one day down and Swami is already coming across as a strong contestant who will be a reason for several fights and misunderstandings inside the house. Though it might make the housemates furious, it can be an advantage for the show and its ratings.