Bigg Boss 10, 31st October 2016 written update: Swami Om cries in confession room after Manveer, Manu abuse him

Bigg Boss 10, 31st October 2016 written update: Mona Llisa, Bani, Lopamudra, Swami Om, Manu, Nitibha and Manveer get nominated for eliminations this week.

Written by Bhumika Sharma | New Delhi | Updated: November 1, 2016 4:46:58 pm

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Day 15 in Bigg Boss 10 house starts with a peppy number ‘Ole Ole’. Mona Lisa complains about the division of work to Manu, to which he replies that he must make it clear with the team and take a stiff stand on it. Manveer says to Swami that he should get in the swimming pool. Swami denies but as soon as he sees Mona Lisa getting into the pool, he too goes in and then says he came to encourage his daughter Mona Lisa. Swami dances with Mona in the pool. When Manu sees Manveer and Bani speaking to each other, he tells Mona that Bani is trying to instigate him against the team.

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Manu abuses Swami and then Manveer asks Swami what is wrong with him and what does he want. If he has something against them then he must spit it out. Swami replies that he doesn’t want anyone in support of him. Swami says that he always wanted unity in the team. Swami tells Lopa that he will have food with celeb team from now onward. Swami requests Bigg Boss that he doesn’t want to talk to Manu and Manveer. Swami yells at Manveer and Manu and then says that he will never talk to the “aam aadmi” team. Bigg Boss announces nominations and calls Mona Lisa as the first participant and then tells her to nominate two contestants from her own team, which means celeb will nominate contestants from their own team and commoners will nominate contestants from their team.

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Navin is safe from the nominations as he won the immunity task. Mona nominates Bani and Lopa. Swami confesses in front of everyone that he will nominate contestants from his own team. Bani nominates Mona and Lopa, whereas Gaurav Chopra nominates Rahul Dev and Bani, citing the reason of competitive inmates. Lopa nominates Bani and Karan. Navin nominates Swami and Manu whereas Lokesh also nominates Swami and Manu by citing the reason that Manu is the cleverest team member. Swami nominates Manveer and Manu and blames them of abusing elders. He even cries and says that Manu and Manveer should not send a message of abusing elders on national television. Finally, the nominated candidates are Mona, Bani, Lopa, Swami, Manu, Nitibha and Manveer.

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Swami and Nitibha are seen discussing nominations. Nitibha says that she knows Manu and Manveer have voted for her during the nominations. Gaurav explains to Bani that their relationship is healthy but keeping this fact apart, he has voted for her, to which Bani replies that she never expected this from him. Navin discusses Manu with Mona as he says that Manu flocks with celebs who are more popular in order to garner audience attention and votes. Mona replies that everyone has their own strategy to play in this house.

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