Bigg Boss 10, 29th October 2016 written update: Gaurav, Akanksha and Nitibha are still in elimination zone

Bigg Boss 10 host Salman Khan warns Manu and Manveer of going to the real jail, if they continue to use physical violence in the house.

Written by Bhumika Sharma | New Delhi | Published: October 30, 2016 12:39:51 am
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In ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’, Salman Khan gives the contestants a quick round up of their actions and consequences during the second week in the house. Salman Khan dances on the number “Prem Leela” from his film Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo. After exchanging Diwali pleasantries with the housemates, he speaks to the contestants, questioning them about their behavior. Everyone in the house nominates Navin as the villain of the house.

Salman asks about the laundry task from Karan and Rohan. He asks what went so wrong about the task that it failed so badly. Salman assures Rohan Mehra that nobody can hit him in Bigg Boss 10 – anybody who does that (out of Manu Punjabi and Manveer Gurjar) will go to the real jail. Rahul Dev assures Salman that he will protect Rohan. Salman scolds at Manu and Manveer by saying that they should not use physical power on any one. He give the references of the Great Khali and Puneet Issar who were contestants on the show in earlier seasons. Salman announces that Rohan is safe from elimination.


Navin is made to sit on ‘Khalnayak ki Kursi’. Salman asks Navin the justification for what he did in the past week, to which Navin replies during the laundry task he did whatever he felt was right. He threw water on the clothes so that his team could win the task by any means. Salman asks Navin from where did he get this idea and then he mocks at Swami and says that he was the original mastermind behind winning the laundry task. Swami says that he asked God to transfer the idea to Navin’s mind so that his team can win. Salman then asks Swami that if he can foresee the future then why couldn’t he foresee about himself going to the jail. Swami calls Mona Lisa his ‘beti’.

Salman asks Mona why she feels that she has been separated in the celebrity group. Mona says that she doesn’t know why celebs are behaving indifferent towards her. Salman, then asks Manu about Mona to which he replies that Mona has started feeling comfortable within their team. After a while, celeb team starts explaining to Mona that they are with her and they should sort out things amongst themselves.

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Salman then takes the caller of the week’s call. The caller shows willingness to speak with Navin and says that he should play the way he is playing. The caller asks Navin that why he didn’t tell the inmates about the challenge for winning immunity and why did he tag that game with the name of ‘task’. Manveer and Manu are safe from the elimination but Gaurav, Akanksha and Nitibha are still in elimination zone.

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