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Monday, July 16, 2018

Bigg Boss 10, 29th December 2016 written update: Manveer Gurjar becomes the new captain of the house

Bigg Boss 10, 29th December 2016 written update: Rohan locks himself up in the washroom, threatens to leave the show in Bigg Boss 10.

Written by Bhumika Sharma | Updated: December 30, 2016 9:09:55 am
Gaurav announces the flower bed task in which Manveer and Rohan will compete for captaincy. Bigg Boss 10, 29th December 2016 written update: Gaurav announces the flower bed task in which Manveer and Rohan will compete for captaincy.

A new day in the Bigg Boss 10  house starts with the song ‘Uhh la la la’. Manu ask Monalisa that did she expected to stay in the house for 75 days and then he recommends her to get married to her boyfriend as soon as possible. Gaurav announces the flower bed task in which Manveer and Rohan will compete for captaincy. They are required to plant respective flowers in the other’s flower bed. A mud bed is placed in the garden area, Rohan and Manveer are allotted two different set of flowers – Rohan (purple) and Manveer (Pink).

After the buzzer rings, Manveer and Rohan have to plant the flowers on the mud bed and cover it completely with their respective share of flowers. They are given two hours to complete the task and Bani is made the sanchalika of the task. Bani warns Swami against ruining the task yet again. The housemates make a plan to stall Swami’s attempts at attacking the flowerbed. Manveer and Rohan play fair by planting all the flowers. As soon as Bigg Boss announces that they have only 10 minutes at their disposal. Swami gets near the flowerbed and Lopa-Bani attempt to stop him. Swami gets into an ugly fight with them. Rohan and Manveer start plucking and throwing each other’s flowers in order to reach a fair conclusion.

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Swami also interrupts and plucks a few flowers despite housemates trying to push him aside. Gaurav holds Swami asking him to patiently get aside. The buzzer goes off and the task finishes as Swami keeps screaming his lungs out. Manu tries to be the peacemaker but things get ugly when Swami passes a comment on Gaurav’s father. The fight gets nasty as Rohan loses his cool and pushes Swami by his face really hard. The housemates stop Rohan from getting any more physical with him. Swami instigates Rohan to push him more when Manveer drags Swami away. Bani asks Swami to shut up as he keeps ranting about the fight. Bani announces that Manveer has won captaincy and Manu carries him around. Rohan and Manveer hug it out.

The housemates are discussing about the attack on Swami as he is complaining to Bigg Boss about not being able to hear from one side. Manveer, Manu, Mona Lisa and Nitibha are celebrating captaincy. Rohan, Gaurav and Lopa are discussing how unfair the task was. Swami literally speaks to every camera in the house complaining about his ear. Manveer takes him outside to ask him to be quiet and Swami starts crying. In the evening, Bigg Boss announces that it’s not cool to get physical in the house. He punishes Rohan and tells him that he will be nominated for eliminations throughout the season. Bigg Boss also warns other contestants to not attack someone else physically. Swami starts crying but no one pays attention to him.

More updates from Bigg Boss 10, 29th December 2016 episode:

Rohan loses his cool and expresses how unfair everything is. Rohan locks himself in the loo as Lopa is arguing with the other housemates about how rules should be same for everyone. A doctor comes to attend to Om Swami as Lopa goes to talk to Rohan, who refuses to come out of the loo. Rohan sats that he will either stay inside the washroom for the rest of the season or he will leave the house. Even Gaurav tries to talk Rohan into coming outside. In the confession room, Bigg Boss announces that Swami is completely fine but to make things sure, Swami needs to be taken to a hospital. He asks Manveer to announce this news to the housemates. Bigg Boss calls Rohan to the confession room but he only agrees to coming outside on two conditions that he gets to speak to his father and a lawyer.

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Manveer, Mona Lisa, Manu are bitching about Lopa being two-faced. Bigg Boss calls Lopa and Gaurav to the confession room and tells them that Rohan’s behaviour is uncalled for. He asks them to convince him to get out of the bathroom since he might even suffocate inside the bathroom. Gaurav tells Rohan everything and asks Rohan to come outside. Rohan goes to the confession room and tells Bigg Boss that he wants to be thrown out of the house. He complains saying that even he was hurt in the previous task because of Swami but no one said anything to him. He tells Bigg Boss that his image will be tarnished outside and he doesn’t want to live with that. Rohan has a disagreement with Bigg Boss and leaves the conversation midway. Lopa and Gaurav try to stop Rohan from locking himself in the loo but in vain. After some time, Rohan pours his heart out to Lopa and tells her that he won’t even eat food. Gaurav asks both of them to eat but they refuse to eat. Manu and Manveer are taunting Gaurav (among each other and not to his face) for eating without even offering Lopa and Rohan anything.

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