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Saturday, December 07, 2019

Bigg Boss 10, 27th October 2016 written update: Immunity task turns game dirty

Bigg Boss 10, 27th October 2016 written update: Monalisa and Swami Om are back in jail as Navin and Lokesh fight it out.

Written by Bhumika Sharma | New Delhi | Updated: October 28, 2016 1:39:38 pm
Bigg Boss 10, 27th October 2016 written update: Bigg Boss 10, 27th October 2016 written update:

Thursday’s episode of Bigg Boss 10 begins with celebs cleaning the house. Next scene shows Manveer asking Swami to join Manu, Navin and Mona’s conversation. Manu tells Mona that she should chuck those people out of her life who make her cry.

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Next morning, everyone starts dancing on ‘I am the best’ song. Manveer asks Lokesh, “Hello, maalik bann ke kaise lagg raha hai?” She replies that she is feeling good about it. Manu discusses his personal life and hardships. Akanksha and Nitibha enjoys in Jacuzzi whereas Manveer and Manu enjoys while bathing in swimming pool.
Bigg Boss calls everyone in the common area and tells each team to decide who will go in the jail for not performing in laundry task. Swami says that he will not go in the jail, no matter what, but everyone in Indiawaale team decides unanimously that Swami will go in the jail. Celeb decides to put Mona behind the bars. Mona and Swami decide to resist and talk to Bigg Boss to separate them from their respective teams. Manveer yells at Swami for not behaving properly with him. Mona cries hard and complains to Bigg Boss. She tells her celeb teammates that they don’t deserve to win. Swami says that he didn’t have any problem in going to jail, whatever he was doing that was because of footage.

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Bigg Boss calls Navin and tells him that Indiawaale have to choose two members who outperformed in laundry task and they both will compete to win immunity from the next nomination. Indiawaale collectively decide Navin and Lokesh’s name for competition. The winner will get immunity from next week’s nomination.

Lokesh and Navin begin the task. They are required to collect blocks from each contestant and build a straight line on the floor. Lokesh convinces housemates in every possible manner to handover their blocks to her. She dances for Lopa, appreciates ‘beauty’ of Karan and convinces Gaurav.

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Navin strategizes for hiding Lokesh’s blocks and tells Manveer that he will defeat her by destroying her blocks. Manveer gives a green signal to Navin. As Manveer distracts Lokesh, Navin destroys her blocks. Lokesh yells at him but Navin says that this is the Bigg Boss house and everything is fair game. Lokesh destroys Navin’s blocks and they both try to rebuild the line of blocks. Lokesh loses her temper and yells at Navin like mad. Navin says that he has already admitted his defeat and she can take all the blocks. Lokesh replies by saying that she doesn’t want to win easy.

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