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Friday, July 20, 2018

Bigg Boss 10, 27th December 2016 written update: Swami Om is the real toofan during the captaincy task

Bigg Boss 10, 27th December 2016 written update: Swami Om refuses to follow any rules during the latest task in Bigg Boss house. But can he win it?

Written by Bhumika Sharma | Updated: December 28, 2016 6:33:37 pm
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The day in Bigg Boss 10 house starts with the song ‘Yeh mausam ka jaadu hai mitwa’. Swami Om and Mona dance together on the song. Manveer, Swami and Manu are talking to each other about the captaincy task. Swami Om says that he is already a winner. Swami appeals to Gaurav that he must tell Bani that she should stop hating him. He says that he can’t cry in the house and considers Bani as his ‘beti’.

Manveer asks Lopa that why she isn’t talking to Rohan. Manveer announces the ‘Kashmir’ task which is called ‘Toofan.’ In the garden area, an igloo is set up and contestants will be required to paint and repair the igloo and on the sound of the buzzer, they will have to get into igloo. The last contestant to enter will be out of the captaincy task.

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Swami announces beforehand that he will not be responsible for any sort of mishap in the wake of the task. The buzzer rings for the first time and all the contestants run towards the igloo. Mona is left behind and is out of the task now. Swami Om irritates other contestants by sitting in front of the igloo. Gaurav gets irritated by this and sits at the entrance too. Lopa is called in the confession room and is asked by Bigg Boss to make a boundary near igloo which the contestants are not supposed to cross. The buzzer rings and Guarav is left behind, hence losing the captaincy task.

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Swami mocks at Bani when she warns him to never take her name. He loses his cool over being asked to shut up. Swami decides to pee outside the igloo again disgusting the other contestants. Irritated with Swami’s behaviour, Manveer pushes him and throws his stool away. The other contestants support Manveer and taunt Swami. Tired of waiting for the buzzer, the contestants decide to go inside the house and continue with their personal stuff. But Lopa and some contestants decide to stay back. Rohan and Lopa get into a heated argument with Manveer. Rohan loses his cool at Manveer as Manu plays the peacemaker.

The third buzzer goes off and the contestants rush to get inside the igloo. Nitibha gets disqualified next. Swami tries to start a fight between Rohan and Manu. Manveer taunts Manu for being so forgiving towards Swami. Manu picks a stool and decides to cheat. Manu, Manveer, Bani and everyone surround Swami to make sure that once the buzzer goes off, Manu can stop Swami from rushing inside. Lopa tries to cool things down but in vain. Suddenly the lights go off and the housemates start singing ‘Happy Birthday’ for Manu.

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