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Monday, July 23, 2018

Bigg Boss 10, 25th November 2016 written update: Contestants boycott Swami Om

In Bigg Boss 10, Gaurav and Rahul Dev ensure that the contestants take a stand and boycott Swami Om. But, will this unity last?

Written by Bhumika Sharma | Updated: November 26, 2016 7:57:44 am
swami-om-759 In Bigg Boss 10, Rahul Dev and Gaurav yelled at Swami to not attack anyone’s family at any cost.

The day in the Bigg Boss 10 house started with Bigg Boss asking Rohan to give out four names of the contestants who didn’t perform well in the luxury budget task. Rohan nominated Om Swami, Lopamudra, Mona Lisa and Nitibha Kaul. This didn’t go down well with Om Swami, who refused to accept his punishment. He lashed out at Rohan and called him ‘Prince of India’.

During a conversation with Gaurav Chopra and Rahul Dev, Bani said that she saw Manveer and Mona Lisa getting intimate with each other once the lights went out last night. Bigg Boss introduced the task for the four contestants who performed badly in the luxury budget task. There were four cubicles kept in the garden area and the four contestants had to sit inside them. Rohan had to stand on the podium kept behind them. The four contestants had to tie the rope on their left hands and act as Rohan’s puppets. Whichever contestant Rohan wanted to punish, he had to pull their rope. There were three drawers kept in front of each contestants which had one punishment in it.

Rohan picks Om Swami to eat two slabs of butter. The second punishment had one contestant to be on a stretcher all the time. Rohan picked Swami yet again. Swami got angry and started questioning Rohan’s upbringing. Rahul and Gaurav yelled at Swami to not attack anyone’s family at any cost. Third punishment allowed Rohan to send someone to jail and he picked Nitibha. She also resisted and asked Rohan to get it cleaned by someone. Gaurav and Mona spoke about how Swami was abusing Rohan and how everyone should boycott him for a few days.

Mona asked Gaurav that why he didn’t raise objection when Swami was speaking against her. Gaurav said sorry to Mona. Later Bigg Boss called Om Swami inside the confession room and warned him yet again to behave inside the house. Basically, he was asked to have a filter on his mouth. But that didn’t change his behavior at all as he continued to get off from the stretcher again and again.

Rahul, who has been pissed with him, lost his cool yet again and dragged him to back on the stretcher. Bani too lost her composure when he continued to question Rohan’s upbringing. At last, Bigg Boss announced that punishment of Nitibha and Swami has come to an end.

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