Bigg Boss 10, 24th December 2016 written update: After a tiff with Salman Khan, Priyanka Jagga ousted

Bigg Boss 10, 24th December 2016 written update: After a tiff with Salman Khan, Priyanka Jagga ousted

Bigg Boss 10, 24th December 2016 written update: In Bigg Boss 10, Manu and Swami Om nominates themselves for Bani. This week, Salman Khan throws Priyanka Jagga out.

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Bigg Boss 10, 24th December 2016 written update: Salman Khan expresses this was the worse that Bigg Boss ever got till now.

The Bigg Boss 10 episode begins with Salman Khan showing us what Bani J had to go through to get Om Swami and Manu Punjabi to nominate themselves. Not only does Manu agree to nominate himself but he also convinces Swami to nominate himself. Bani gets emotional and thanks Manu for helping her out. Bani chooses to meet her best friend Gauahar Khan for 10 minutes. She runs to the door waiting for Gauahar to enter but Gauahar enters from the confession room to surprise her bestie. Bani lifts her and refuses to drop her. Gauahar meets the other contestants and gives Gaurav Chopra a warm hug. Gauahar tells Manveer Gurjar that after Bani, he is her favorite contestant. She thank Manu and Swami for letting her meet Bani. The contestants leave the two best friends alone.

Gauahar tells Bani that she is proud of her and asks her not to cry. They hug each other again and Gauahar asks the contestants to enjoy every moment in the house instead of talking about each other behind their backs. She tells Mona Lisa that though it was wrong of Bani to talk about her but she also apologised for what she said. Gauahar advises Bani to stand up for the right things in the house when Bigg Boss announces that Gauahar’s time is up. Gauahar bids farewell to everyone in the house and has last bit of advice to everyone in the house.

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Gauahar goes back to the confession room and chats with Bigg Boss for a while. Priyanka Jagga cheers Bani up, who is crying after Gauahar left. Lopamudra Raut also gets a chance to meet her sister, Bhagyashree. Since there is less battery left, Lopa chooses to meet her sister for two minutes. She runs into the confession room and excitedly hugs her sister. She breaks down after meeting her sister who shuts her up by saying that she is ruining her makeup. They start catching up in Marathi and then immediately switch to Hindi. Bhagyashree asks her to be positive and passes on a message from her father. Lopa’s father has asked her to be respectful towards Swami or ignore him since he is an old guy.


Salman Khan is shown on the screen, who speaks about the prevalence of humanity and how a lot of things that happened in the last two days which no one knows about. He says that a lot of things had to be edited out and contestants stooped really low this week. They show how Swami and Priyanka created havoc in the house this week. Salman Khan expresses his dilemma on how to react to all of this. The actor talks about this was the worse that Bigg Boss ever got till now. He expresses his hatred to be a part of this show for the first time.

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The actor agrees with everyone who switched off their TV sets while watching the show. He asks all the kids in the studio to leave the room so he can play the unedited clips of what happened in the house. He apologises to the audience on behalf of the channel and production house for airing what happened in the house. The contestants sit tensed that Bhai hasn’t said anything for some time.

Just then, Salman Khan asks Manveer Gurjar to get a piece of cloth and tie it around Swami’s mouth. Priyanka gets up saying that she wants to leave the house despite Salman asking her to sit back. They play a mashup of all the things that she said in the house. Lopa loses her cool looking at the video and starts crying. Manu and Rohan Mehra calm her down. Salman asks if she really thinks that her ‘aukaat’ is bigger than the show. Salman asks Priyanka to leave the house. The other contestants stand up, clap and thank Salman Khan. He requests the channel to never get her back in the show or he will never work with the channel. He also explains to Lopa that she must control herself and not respond to such people. Salman Khan signs off as the contestants rejoice. Swami asks Priyanka to apologise to Bigg Boss before leaving but she refuses to do so. The contestants decide to not even bid farewell to her and celebrate after she leaves the house. Meanwhile, Swami is dragging a suitcase outside.

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Mona and Lopa personally thank Salman Khan and Bigg Boss. Swami takes Priyanka’s things to keep near the door despite Manu-Manveer asking him not to do so. Manu tells Mona Lisa and others that the man is not mentally fit. Bani tells Gaurav that she personally never had a problem with Priyanka like others. Swami rants in front of the camera about the humiliation he has to face.