Bigg Boss 10, 20th December 2016 written update: Priyanka passes tasteless comment about Manu’s dead mother

In Bigg Boss 10, Priyanka Jagga breaks down in the confession room.

Written by Bhumika Sharma | New Delhi | Published: December 22, 2016 10:35:41 am
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The day starts with a song ‘Kabootar Jaa Jaa’. Manveer, Manu, Nitibha and Mona talks about Swami and says that it is good that Bigg Boss stopped the task at right time. Swami Om makes his breakfast and eats six eggs. Bani complains to Lopa to do something about it. Lopa and Swami Om got into a fight and Lopa called him an illegitimate child. Gaurav announces that BB hostel task will be resumed. But, Bigg Boss says that there will be no competition of captaincy amongst contestants. Mona told Manu that Priyanka is reading his letters. Manu gets pissed off and yells at Priyanka. Swami Om and Priyanka give up the task.

Bani and Lopa request Priyanka to join the task but she refuses to do so. Priyanka and Manu get into an ugly fight. Swami Om interferes because of which Manu yells at him. After all the fights, Bigg Biss announces that their luxury budget is now zero.

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Manveer announces that Bigg Boss is asking Swami Om to mend the broken door, which he broke yesterday. Swami paints the door and Manveer makes sure that he does this properly. Manveer then announces that Bigg Boss has arranged a date for Bani and Gaurav in the activity area.

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A romantic set up is in place in the activity area where Bani and Gaurav spend some quality time over dinner and some music. As the day comes to a close, Priyanka once again slips into her villainous avatar and randomly snaps at Nitibha. After she hurls abuses at Nitibha, they get into an argument and Nitibha asks Priyanka to stop attacking everyone. Priyanka again makes personal comments on Manu’s dead mother and upsets everyone in the house. After the lights go out, Mona is bewildered to find Swami Om having chicken that he had stashed earlier in the day.

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