Bigg Boss 10, 19th November 2016 written update: Karan Mehra gets evicted from the house

Bigg Boss 10, 19th November 2016 written update: Salman Khan lashes out at Swami Om for making misogynist comments at Mona and Nitibha

Written by Bhumika Sharma | Updated: November 20, 2016 8:36:53 am
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The ‘Weekend ka Vaar’ episode opened with Salman Khan showing a video of Swami Om in which he was requesting Salman to not create more suffering for him by exposing his reality to the housemates. After that, Salman addresses the fight that created a storm inside the Bigg Boss house. Salman was quite upset about Swami’s comment on Mona Lisa. He explained Swami that he has not right to voice opinions about anyone’s character. Putting the spotlight on the male contestants, Salman also mentioned that he is extremely disappointed with them as they did not stand up for Mona when Swami was making bad comments about her. Guilty of their actions, the contestants apologize for not being supportive enough. Then contestants were asked to choose the Khalnayak of the week, where Swami and Manveer got equal votes. Salman then scolds Swami for not supporting his teammates during the Lock Down luxury budget task. Manveer and Manu, who were obviously quite pissed with Swami lashe out at him. Salman then criticized Swami and told him that it was wrong on his part to make comments on anyone’s dressing. Swami was quick to portray himself as a victim of the circumstances and started sobbing while putting across his point. Salman turned a deaf ear to his clarifications and warned him not to make such comments in the future.

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Salman Khan then pointed out on how he was disappointed with Karan Mehra, Rahul Dev and Rohan for not standing up against Swami, when he attacked Mona Lisa’s character. Mona too was unhappy, especially with Rahul for not supporting her. Salman then appreciated Lopamudra Raut for always taking a stand for what’s right. Next, Salman moved towards addressing the issues pertaining to the newly elected captain of the house, Rohan and his not-so-fair decision making abilities.

Then Mouni Roy entered the stage with Salman Khan. While, Mouni spoke about the movie Tum Bin 2, she said that last night Swami had come in her dreams and told her that if she does a Naagin scene with the greatest hero then her career will shoot the sky. Not able to stop laughing after listening to what Swami said, Salman told her that then I have to cooperate with you on this and asked her what he has to do. Mouni told him that you need to act like a villain who has to steal the Naagmani from her and jokingly Salman asks her that will Rs. 500 and 1000 notes do?

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Salman at last announces Karan Mehra name for being eliminated from the show. Rohan, who is quite close to Karan broke down while he was leaving the house.

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