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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Bigg Boss 10, 12th November 2016 written update: Salman lashes out at celebs for under-performing this week

Bigg Boss 10, 12th November 2016 written update: Rahul, Navin and Lokesh are still in the elimination zone.

Written by Bhumika Sharma | Published: November 13, 2016 1:32:38 am
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In Weekend Ka vaar, Salman Khan kick starts the episode by congratulating Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s strike against black money, which obviously the housemates are totally unaware about. Then glimpses from last night’s episode are shown. Bani, who is the captain of the house punished Om Swami and Manu and sent them to the jail. However, Manu tricked Bani and got out of the jail, after which he refused to go back inside. However, after he was summoned inside the confession room by Bigg Boss, he was ordered to go back to jail. Manu accepts his command.

The next scene shows, Salman Khan interacting with the housemates by congratulating them on the amalgamation as there will be no more ‘Sevak’ and ‘Maalik’ in the house. However, he further scolded them for putting up a poor show throughout the week and failing to entertain the audience. He revealed that how some of the contestants are not taking the show seriously and are often spotted lazing around inside the house thereby bringing down the entertainment value of the show. He showed a video clip of Rahul Dev, Rohan Mehra and Karan Mehra tucked into their beds for the entire day and doing nothing. He also pointed out that celebrities are just lurking inside the house showing no excitement while performing the tasks. Salman asked them to pull up their socks and show some enthusiasm. Salman, then complimented Manveer for his new look saying, “It’s good that you shaved your beard as the audience will finally get to see your real face.”

Talking about nominations, Salman questions Nitibha Kaul for not giving up on her makeup to save Navin Prakash. When Nitibha tried to provide a justification, Salman told her that she did it intentionally as she didn’t wish to save Navin in the first place. In her defense, Nitibha said that she feels uncomfortable without her makeup and additionally she wanted to save Lokesh Kumari from being evicted. When he asked Lopamudra Raut if she would have given up her makeup to save Navin, she said that she would have sacrificed only half of it. However, Salman told her that she looks more beautiful without her makeup that made her blush in happiness. Clearing out the miscommunication that lead to Lokesh’s nomination, Salman showed a video to explain what Bigg Boss exactly told Karan Mehra in the phone booth task and what he actually interpreted. After looking at the video Salman questioned Karan that if it would be fair if Lokesh gets evicted today. Guilty about his actions, Karan told Salman that he misunderstood the whole thing and would feel terrible if Lokesh gets eliminated. Manveer has been announced safe from elimination, while Rahul, Navin and Lokesh are still in the danger zone.

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