Bigg Boss 10, 10th December 2016 written update: Sahil Anand gets eliminated from the house

Bigg Boss 10, 10th December 2016 written update: Salman Khan gets angry at Swami Om and asks him to behave

Written by Bhumika Sharma | Updated: December 12, 2016 1:16:44 pm
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Bigg Boss 10, 10th December 2016 written update: Bani J is called in the ‘katgarha’ and is accused of being the ‘walk out queen’.

In the start of the show, Salman Khan pays his condolences to Manu Punjabi’s mother. The happenings of the last week is shown to the audience. Swami Om convinces Priyanka Jagga, who is a captain now, to switch his bed to a king sized one. Priyanka makes sure that the contestants switch beds according to Swami’s convenience. Salman begins his face time with the contestants. He asks where is Jason, and Gaurav Chopra replies that he is out of the house due to acidity. Salman sarcastically asks Swami that he is doing very well on the show. He asks him to tell what happened in the house in form of breaking news. Swami mocks Sahil Anand, and eventually says that he is the next big entertainer after Salman Khan in the world and that he will win the show.


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After that contestants begin to tell their side of the story about what happened in the show. Lopamudra Raut says that Priyanka Jagga was faking her injury, that happened in the pool, as she was running around effortlessly during the paint task. Swami complains that there is still a divide between commoners and celebs. Rahul Dev raises the issue of bed switching. Priyanka says what is the big deal in bed switching.

Bani J is called in the ‘katgarha’ and is accused of being the ‘walk out queen’. Bani defends herself by saying that she walks out because she doesn’t want to get agitated more than she is. She would rather walk out, calm down and come back and talk to the person. Salman advises her to listen to other people, and let others also talk. Salman lashes out at Swami Om for using inappropriate words for Bani and Lopa. He asks Swami Om why did he pee in the kitchen. Then he challenges Swami to stab Manveer. Everyone starts fighting over whether to boycott Swami Om or not. Dibang and Karishma Tanna enter the show and comments on Swami Om. Karishma Tanna passes remarks at Swami as the most entertaining character. Salman asks Karishma about her favourite contestants.

She replies by taking Manveer, Lopa and Bani’s name. Salman shows the recorded footage of Manveer and Mona, where they are talking about their relationship with each other. Mona says that Manveer has got influenced and is not same like before, whereas Manveer says that Mona was only with him till Manu was there in the house. But, now both are facing problems in their relationship.

Salman asks Dibang that what could be the probable reason that Manveer and Mona are facing a major problem in their relationship. Dibang answers by saying that Manu provided a strong base to the trio. But, as soon as Manu left, they both fell apart.

Salman ask Karishma if Priyanka Jagga is influencing Manveer. Karishma Tanna says that Manveer should maintain some distance with Priyanka Jagga. Salman then shows Gaurav and Bani’s footage to Dibang and Karishma and ask about their friendship. Karishma says that Gaurav is playing very safe and on the other hand she says that Bani expects too much in the house. Dibang says that Bani is shrewd and is playing well.

Salman remarks that Bani is not mentally strong and gives up task too easily and he adds by saying that Bani thinks that whatever she thinks is right. But, this is not always the case and that shows her immaturity.

Salman enters the house again and warns Swami that he should gain his respect and calls him Swami and not ‘Omji’. Salman says that he is not in the good state of mind so he won’t play around to declare the elimination. He says that he will be straight forward while declaring the person who will be evicted. Salman announces the name of Sahil and calls him out of the house.

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