Bigg Boss 10: Mugdha Godse feels boyfriend Rahul Dev is playing the game right

Bigg Boss 10: Mugdha Godse feels boyfriend Rahul Dev is playing the game right

Bigg Boss 10 contestant Rahul Dev's girlfriend Mugdha Godse is happy with Rahul's performance. Do you think Rahul will have a long stay in the house?

mugdha godse, rahul dev
Mugdha Godse, Rahul Dev appeared on couple reality show, Power Couple.

Rahul Dev’s girlfriend and model-actor Mugdha Godse is happy with how he is performing in Bigg Boss season 10. This, irrespective of all the lashings that Rahul received from host Salman Khan for being lazy and having no stand against any wrong happenings in the house. Looks like harsh Salman’s words brought some change in Rahul’s attitude. In fact, the viewers are also witnessing a change in Rahul’s stint ever since Salman gave his verdict as an audience to him. In a recent interview with DNA, Mugdha expressed that she feels Rahul is doing the right thing by keeping himself aloof from all the politics and controversies in the reality show.

Mugdha said that she can feel Rahul’s discomfort in the house, adding that the actor is taking his stint in the show as equivalent to his work by giving his 100 per cent to it. On being asked if she agrees with Salman’s statement against Rahul, she said Salman is “entitled to his opinion.” Mugdha even said the show needs to be interactive. According to her, only fighting and yelling is not entertainment. She adds that for her Rahul is equally entertaining as he is being emotional, performing tasks and bonding well with others on the show. In fact, she feels Rahul’s aggression has a humour too. Giving an example of his fight with Swami Om in last week’s luxury budget task, Mugdha said people have enjoyed his statement, “tatti jalebi.”

“People have only seen the calm side of him. The angry and funny side to him he is gradually revealing. Rahul can be extremely humorous and his fight with Om Baba showed us that,” she told during the interview.

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It seems that Mugdha does not agree with Salman’s ‘lazy’ comment for Rahul, ex-contestant Karan Mehra and Rohan Mehra. The Fashion actor agreed that Rahul has a chance to win but he might lose it to Lopamudra Raut, Rohan Mehra and Manoj Punjabi, who she thinks are strong contenders in the house. Ever since the first day, Mugdha, through her social media handles, has been doing all that it takes to keep Rahul’s fanfare on fire. On the emotional front, she does miss him around and that is one of the reasons why she never leaves out on watching a single episode of Bigg Boss season 10.

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With four wild card contenders to challenge Rahul’s place in the house now, it will be interesting to see if the actor will put in everything in the upcoming task to maintain his seat in the show or will he let his contender win over him.