Mamata accuses PM Modi of trying to ‘unleash’ CBI, criticises EC

Mamata accuses PM Modi of trying to ‘unleash’ CBI, criticises EC

"You can unleash CBI and ED if you want. Everyday you people are insulting us. I will not tolerate this, I will give reply to such attacks," said Mamata.

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Kolkata: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee during an election campaign in support of her party candidates. (Source: PTI photo)

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Saturday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP of trying to “unleash” CBI and ED on Trinamool Congress (TMC) as it speaks up against them, and alleged that the Election Commission was working on the instructions of BJP.

“Even if Modi, BJP, Congress and CPI(M) join hands I am not afraid of them. You can unleash CBI and ED if you want. Everyday you people are insulting us. I will not tolerate this, I will give reply to such attacks,” the Trinamool Congress supremo told a party rally at Satyanarayan Park in Central Kolkata.

“The CPI(M), Congress, BJP along with Modiji are trying to malign us. They are inflicting torture on us. I am not afraid of Delhi, I am not afraid of Congress, I am not scared of CPI(M), I am not afraid of Modiji,” Banerjee said. The BJP might be in power in Delhi but that has not given them the right to insult and torture someone, she said.


“You (BJP) may have come to power, but that does not mean that you will remain in power for entire life. Whoever is not agreeing with you people, you are engaging CBI, Income Tax and ED after them. More than 70,000 industrialists have left the country because of the income tax torture,” Banerjee said.


Banerjee alleged that the Election Commission was working on the instructions of BJP. “There are few leaders of BJP who demand some officers be transferred, and he is transferred. They are demanding that a showcause notice be sent to Mamata Banerjee and a showcause
notice is being served. I will not say anything against Election Commission, because it is the BJP, CPI(M) and Congress who had levelled charges,” the TMC chief said.

Arguing that the decision to form a new district (Asansol) had been taken in December last year, Banerjee said, “Before taking a decision, you (EC) should have asked us whether the complaint is true or not.

Banerjee said, “You (EC) could have asked government officers. Its okay you have felt like showcausing (me) and you have showcaused. I am grateful to them that they have served me a showcause. But this is not the way that you will act on the orders of BJP leaders.” Her comment comes in the backdrop of Election Commission serving her a notice on April 14.

Referring to the Narada sting operation, Banerjee questioned how a decision on it could be reached even before the probe of the Lok Sabha Ethics Committee is over.

“They want to remove five (TMC) MPs in the name of sting operation. If someone raises his voice he will be removed. They are saying that Ethics Committee will decide on that matter. If Ethics Committee will decide on the matter then how come they can say that they will be removed (from their MPs’ post) already. Who are you to remove them?,” She wondered.

“They (BJP) will remove whoever they want to. Will the country and the state be run like this? They (opposition in Bengal) have created a situation where killing me will help them in cooling their brains. They have so much dislike towards me,” Banerjee said.

Banerjee alleged that BJP President Amit Shah is visiting from Delhi time and again and issuing “threats and the work is being done.” “The Congress, CPI(M) and BJP are working in tandem. The BJP is jealous of me.” she said.

Banerjee questioned why CPI(M) Politburo Member Mohammed Salim was not arrested for making statements over taking revenge. “One of my district presidents has been put under surveillance. My question is why Mohammed Salim is not arrested and put under surveillance for making revenge speech. Why is Adhir Chowdhury not being arrested,” she said, in reference to TMC’s Birbhum district president Anubrata Mandal put under surveillance by Election Commission.

Banerjee also touched on the transfer of Kolkata Police Commissioner Rajeev Kumar, who was removed by the EC few days back, said he was punished even before charges against him were proved.

“The Police Commissioner is removed. They (Opposition) are making false allegations and removing him. I don’t blame the Election Commission. The police Commissioner did very well during the flyover collapse. He is one of the brightest officers,” she said.

“A BJP leader in a planned way complained against him and he was removed, even before the charges were proved. He was removed because BJP leader Rahul Sinha feels if he remains the Commissioner it would be tough for him to win the elections. He will lose in any case,” she said.

While accusing the opposition of doing politics over the dead in the Posta flyover collapse case, Banerjee said, “So many people had died in Kerala due to an accident. We had expressed our condolences. But when some people die in a flyover collapse here, they are busy doing politics over it.”

About the Saradha Chit Fund and other ponzi companies, Banerjee said the companies had come up during the CPI(M) rule and it was the TMC government which had arrested the owners of chit fund companies. “It is the CPI(M) which has given birth to the chit fund companies in Bengal. Top CPI(M) leaders were involved in Chit Fund business,” she said.