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DU Dual Degree: With Delhi University Executive Council debating on dual degrees, here’s what students think

DU Dual Degree: While it is optional for all universities to adopt this new change, Delhi University will be holding a meeting today to discuss whether or not it is a good idea to allow students to pursue dual degrees.

Delhi University | Dual Degrees | DU UGCDual Degree Programme in DU: The Delhi University’s Executive Council will meet tomorrow to discuss the pros and cons of adopting dual degrees. (Representative image. Express Photo by Gajendra Yadav)

DU Dual Degree Programme: The Delhi University’s Executive Council today will hold a meeting to discuss whether or not students should be allowed to pursue two degrees simultaneously. The idea of introducing dual degrees was introduced in the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 and the University Grants Commission had issued guidelines regarding this a few months ago.

Earlier, students could pursue only one full-time degree along with online/short-term/diploma courses. However, now, students can choose a combination of a diploma programme and an undergraduate (UG) degree, two master’s programmes or two bachelor’s programmes. In case students want to enroll for two major degrees, they would have to ensure that the classes do not clash.

While it is optional for all universities to adopt this new change, Delhi University will be holding a meeting Thursday to discuss whether or not it is a good idea to allow students to pursue dual degrees. However, before that, here’s what students feel.

Charushi Soni, BA (Hons) Political Science, Miranda House

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In my opinion, pursuing dual degrees sounds really fascinating as one will gather wide and diverse knowledge. However, if I think practically, it may become hectic and difficult to handle as there is much to do when you are enrolled in a Delhi University college. You have to manage your classes, as well as the work of societies and clubs alongside other activities. However, if there is an option to pursue any one of the two degrees online, it might be manageable.

Animesh Singh Khatana, BA Programme, Motilal Nehru College

Dual degrees is a good initiative as it will help students explore more areas without restricting the minds towards any one stream. They will be able to explore multiple career options. What happens right now is that if I am focusing on UPSC, then I will only focus on a BA programme or political science or history and I will not be able to explore other streams.

However, if students are allowed to pursue one degree from a regular college and the other from an open university, it will make more sense. The burden will increase while pursuing dual degrees because even with one degree, there is a lot of pressure. So, an open university will save both time and energy. However, the standard of open universities needs to be improved. Open colleges should not mean that there is irregularity and steps are taken haphazardly.

Harjeev Singh Narula, BA Economics, St. Stephens College

Dual degrees will help students of the arts streams more than students in the science streams. For example, I don’t think a Physics student will be able to pursue another major but probably an arts student will be able to better pull off dual degrees. It may actually add more importance to his/her degree and will offer more opportunities after graduation.


It is important to ensure, however, that one degree is from a regular college and the other is from an open university as it can otherwise cause a clash of classes and become too hectic for the students. So, distance learning for one degree would definitely be a better idea.

Sneha Dey, BA (Hons) Political Science, Miranda House

While I think it is a good initiative and the idea will look very good on papers, it is also about implementation. I am currently a student of Miranda House and I believe that after the implementation of the NEP 2020, things have not been very smooth in Delhi University.

There is a lack of a lot of things; a lot of subjects have been added in our syllabus but we have very limited time, i.e. we have three months to complete seven subjects, whereas our previous batches had four subjects. So, whether the Delhi University is well equipped is the larger question now. In the end, it will impact us and we will be on the receiving end of it, just like we are going through (the impact of NEP changes) now. So, I think it should be implemented only if it is thought out well and only if they are sure that they can implement it with the current resources.

First published on: 07-12-2022 at 18:08 IST
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