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Saturday, March 06, 2021

Teachers’ day: 5 funny excuses for not completing homework

Teacher's day: Read six common funny excuses, which we as students used to present before our teachers for not completing our homework.

Written by Anumika Bahukhandi | New Delhi |
Updated: September 5, 2018 3:19:30 pm
teachers day, teacher's day, teachers day quotes Homework was an inseparable part of our school life.

You might be a part of country’s top IT firm or MNC or a grade A officer in some department, earning well. Life might have evolved a lot, with you undergoing various transformations and learning something new each day. But when it comes to the roots of our learning, we always rewind to those golden days of our childhood. Homework was an inseparable part of our school life which won us either accolades or punishments.

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From making numerous funny excuses to puppy faces in order to not getting punished, we moved ahead in life and miss that phase now.On this teacher’s day, we bring before you six common funny excuses, which we as students used to present before our teachers for not completing our homework.

Left laptop charger in the class

I left my laptop charger in the class yesterday by mistake due to which I couldn’t charge my laptop. As it got discharged in the middle of my work, I had no option. My roommate who had the same laptop is on holidays so I couldn’t borrow it from her too.

Books got wet

I got drenched in the rain while coming to the school. It started raining heavily and I was cycling towards the school. My backpack got wet and so did my notebook. All the answers got wiped out.

Friend borrowed it to complete his homework

My neighbour’s son, who is my friend, has been quite unwell. As he was unable to come to the school (studies in the same school but different section) and did not want to lag behind, he asked me for help as I live next to his house. I couldn’t refuse lending him the same as he was really tensed and I did not want his health to get affected because of it. So being a good neighbour, I extended my hand in support.

My hungry pet ate it

After completing my homework, I started talking to my friend on phone. He was stuck in a problem and I was trying to help him out. My entire focus was on his talks. Meanwhile, I forgot that it was my pet’s snacking time and he is always so hungry. As I delayed giving him food, I, later on, realised that he went and ate my assignment which was lying on the bed. It’s his mistake. I’ll be careful now.

Notebook got exchanged with my brother’s/ sister’s copy

So both me and my sister have a habit of studying and doing our homework together. Although we are twins but we study in different schools. As our copy covers are exactly the same, we did not realise that we put each other’s notebook in our bags by mistake.

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