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Big Alert: First Time Single All India 2023 Pre-board Exam to be conducted in Pen-paper Mode for CBSE Students

For the first time, CBSE experts have roped in Eduhap and Educart, with the purpose of conducting a common All India Pre-Board exam for CBSE Class 10 students in offline mode.

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will conduct theory examinations for the academic year from February 15, 2023, the board notified this week. (File)

Every student’s eye is now on the CBSE portal because the date-sheet can be uploaded anytime. Pre-boards are usually the most important way to assess students’ academic preparation for the big exam in March 2023. But every school conducts their own pre-board and there is always bias in results.

Hence, for the first time, CBSE experts have roped in Eduhap and Educart, with the purpose of conducting a common All India Pre-Board exam for CBSE Class 10 students in offline mode. This is done to simulate real board paper pressure and provide an all India rank before board exams.

This exam will be conducted from Home but in strict surveillance on answer sheets provided by Eduhap to enrolled students by post. The answer sheets will be uploaded online and then physically checked by top CBSE teachers from all over India as per the CBSE marking scheme and guidance. Following this evaluation, All India ranks will be announced as per students’ performance in the exam. Educart (known for best-selling sample papers books) is roped in the process to provide the pre-board paper of quality that is matching with March 2023 board exams and also facilitate the checking of copies (similar to how TCS is given tender to manage projects of such scale).

Register here for this common CBSE All-india Pre-board Exam

A little insight into the app is that it is launched by Eduhap, which is among the best and most popular CBSE educators in India with over 2.5 million subscribers. They are the only educators who focus on Class 10 students solely and provide free courses and free videos on each subject and chapter of Class 10. They have collaborated with Educart to make this pre-board exam happen on a special request.

Example provided by Eduhap team of how an actual paper and checked copy will look like

Most probably, this exam will be conducted in January 2023 (as per the datesheet that will be announced soon) so there is time for results before the board exams start and students can learn from their assessment! The following steps are provided to enroll:

Step 1: Register yourself via Eduhap App. Multiple ways are available for sign-up.

Step 2: Once you successfully log in, pay a nominal fee for registration of the exam. All exam details will be shown in the app and you will be notified of the datesheet by December end.


Step 3: Once the exam paper is live, write your answers on printed sheets (provided) according to the given time. Once the time is up, 5 minutes will be provided to upload answer sheets via the app. Make sure to submit them on time.

Step 4: Your answer sheets will be sent to CBSE teachers who will check the copies as per the CBSE latest 2022-23 marking scheme.

Step 5: The final results will be announced in the newspaper and all checked answer sheets with performance evaluation will also be provided through Eduhap App.


The difficulty level of this exam will be medium to difficult, which is quite similar to CBSE sample papers launched on 26 September 2022, along with typology and new pattern of questions (like case-based, competency style 40% and even assertion-reason types). This is such an inventive idea that the students will benefit a lot from experiencing this pre-board paper. Students as well as parents will also get massive help in the preparation for the final board exam.

First published on: 02-12-2022 at 14:39 IST
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