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Sunday, January 26, 2020

Career in Sociology: List of opportunities for students

If you are sincere to make a career in Sociology, there are several avenues for you to excel. Some of such avenues are urban sociology, political sociology, ethnic and race relations

Written by Rohit Manglik | New Delhi | Updated: January 21, 2019 11:17:22 am
Sociology, career in Sociology, Sociology subject, Sociology job opportunities, Sociology career What are the opportunities available for students who want to make a career in Sociology. Image source:

The study of Sociology entails the exact and orderly investigation of various customs and cultures of society while incorporating the study of social interactions, social relationships. It is a science to formulate a skeleton of knowledge pertaining to the social order, acceptance and social change or evolution of a society. For this purpose, sociology employs investigation methodologies incorporating empiricism and critical analysis.

Whereas some of the sociologists carry research that relates to welfare and various social policies, others work to refine the theoretical comprehension of social processes.

To sum it up all, sociology deals with answering questions as, but not limited to, these:

How to formulate an ideal society?

What are the ingredients for it?

How the culture of a society (or, societies) is created?

How does this culture progress to a generation, from the earlier one?

What are the differences and similarities between various groups of people?

What impact do various social institutions cast on people?

If you are sincere to make a career in Sociology, there are several avenues for you to excel. Some of such avenues are urban sociology, political sociology, ethnic and race relations. Similarly, they are the sociology pertaining to the family and the sphere of social psychology.

In a nutshell, Sociology incorporates study of all facets of human activity and experience. For this, it employs a variety of social disciplines like psychology, history, economics, anthropology and political science and many more.

This way, Sociology proves to be an attraction for the students contemplating studying a variety of subjects and academic spheres.

Eligibility criteria and the fields for pursuing Sociology as a career

As a subject, Sociology can be pursued at all levels. From high school to the doctorate level, an aspirant can choose the discipline anytime. Below is the mention of various fields in which such aspirants can look forward to their brighter prospects, when taking it as a tool for their career.

The sphere of Journalism

Critical and analytical thinking along with the capacity to communicate well are indispensable for being a journalist of repute. The branch of Sociology trains one in the former two skills. The Universities containing the discipline, teach various scientific approaches and theories of calculations to the pursuers of Sociology. This approach is essentially required for arriving at the mathematically exact conclusions for data pertaining to various communities. Moreover, the institutions also teach the conduct of case studies, interviews and surveys, as supplements.

Moreover, generally, a class of sociology entertains quite thought-provoking debates and discussions. Thus, the exercise opens the opportunities for the students, for participating in them and broadening their horizons of thinking. Thus, a class of Sociology proves to be a platform to propel a journalist’s career, fast enough.

Sociology in Human Resource 

A human resource person, in any organisation or firm, interacts with the representatives of every community and culture via his/her fellow workers and the interviewees he/she has to meet daily. Interacting and working with such a variety of people carrying a representation of their own culture becomes easier for a sociologist turned HR person.

This is because, the care taker of the HR sphere, via the course of Sociology, learns to be open to the individuals from several countries, communities, and tribes, irrespective of their race, gender or class.

The sphere of academics

A sociologist cum academician can also have bright prospects in academics. As, being a student of Sociology, such academics are well versed in skills of research. Hence, their skill can be used to recognise problems in a sphere and carry studies for it.

These sociologists cum academicians later provide their services as the teachers and professors in schools and colleges. These teachers then, not only teach the subject but, more importantly, encourage analytical and critical thinking in students, besides providing in-depth knowledge about the society.

The sphere of Public Services/ Social Work

Working as a sociologist in the field of social work, you will work for people that would be going through a certain problem(s). You, therefore, can provide immense help as you, being a sociologist, are equipped with the eye for these problems. Besides, such sociologists connect with organisations like the World Bank, the United Nations, various NGOs and charities, much faster.

A social worker having studied Sociology at the levels of the masters and doctorate can carry the researches related to their fieldwork, much better and faster. This is because a scholar of Sociology much quickly and effectively understands many facets of a problematic solution.

The sphere of connecting with the consumers

Having gone through the training for understanding the behaviours of groups of people, Sociologists are apt to read the requirements of consumers and various factors involved in it. This is the skill they can acquire in a much easier way and quite faster.

Besides these spheres, there are several others where Sociologists are essentially required. Like, for instance, policy making, public litigation, and so on.

Owing to the technological revolutions and globalization in the last few decades, the sphere of Sociology has recently received greater thrusts. Hence, a career in it looks quite promising. Therefore, one hopes the best for future Sociologists.

The author is CEO, EduGorilla

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