Karnataka school textbooks riddled with errors, says PV Sindhu won bronze medal at Olympics

About 325 titles had to be reviewed "under the stewardship of renowned litterateur Baragur Ramachandrappa" by 27 sub-committees with 185 members and the mistakes still remained.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: June 8, 2017 2:35:18 pm
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Books are the roots of learning and student rely on them as a vital medium of knowledge. However, what would students do when these very textbooks are riddled with mistakes? Two years after the Karnataka government appointed a committee to look into these errors, revise and reprint the books, they are still filled with mistakes.

“Factual errors, grammatical mistakes, pages out of whack, pages published upside down, empty pages… any error that you can think of is right there,” the Bangalore Mirror reported adding that about 325 titles had to be reviewed “under the stewardship of renowned litterateur Baragur Ramachandrappa” by 27 sub-committees with 185 members. Read | Book suggests pupils to kill kitten for experiment, taken off shelves, click here

“We have effectively removed parts of the texts which spoke about a saint who can demolish evils and one who sits in a chair and chants mantras. We wanted to tackle superstition. Why should children learn all this? They should be kept away from such things. And about national integrity, we have brought in many more poets (other than those from Karnataka) who speak about national integrity. There is no wrong in it,” said Ramachandrappa.

The main aim of the committee was to clear all the “saffron” diktats and give the textbooks a “secular” outlook. Yet, endless blunders remained including missing definitions of ribosomes; mis-numbered and wrongly arranged pages and; numerous spelling and factual errors like spelling Persian Gulf as “Presian Gulf” and stating that badminton champion PV Sindhu won a bronze medal at the Olympics instead of silver.

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