JEE main: 10.2 lakh candidates appeared for the exam

JEE main: 10.2 lakh candidates appeared for the exam

JEE main 2017: Some things you should know before you enter the exam hall

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JEE main 2017: You have been preparing for months, even years, for this moment and you don’t want anything to go wrong.

The clock is ticking closer to the JEE main exam 2017 and you, like many others who are giving the entrance, are crossing fingers and hoping that it will go well. You have been preparing for months, even years, for this moment and you don’t want anything to go wrong.

Here are a few things you should avoid and follow to make the best out of the exam:


1. Study hard-

You have spent countless months preparing for this examination and you will remember many of the concepts that you have learnt once the question is in front of you tomorrow. Do not try to pick up a new concept right now or try to mug anything up as it will only lead to confusion.

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2. Travel, get involved in strenuous activity-


If your exam centre is not in your home town and you need to go to a different city, make sure all your travelling is done beforehand. Do not travel on the night before the exam as this will only lead to a restless night and increase fatigue during the exam. Also, do not get involved in strenuous activity that can tire you too much or cause injury. You want your body to be completely functional during the exam.

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3. Over-socialise-

Every human being has an opinion on how to prepare for an exam. You may want to seek advise in these last few hours, but going out of your way to socialise with people other than your loved ones will only lead you to carry the weight of more expectations. Keep away from the people who you believe will bring down your mood and add to the pressure you already face.

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4. Panic-

No matter how much you do, you will always feel that you have not done enough. Ignore it. You have done everything in your power to learn all you can in the time you had. Your only goal now should be to give it your best shot during the exam and needless panic in the last hour will not help you in any way.

5. Stay up late-

This is among the worst things you can do on the day before the exam. When you go to bed late during the night, you will not get enough sleep. By the time you wake up in the morning, you will be too tired to think straight. For JEE mains, you need every brain cell working to its fullest capacity. So do not think too much and sleep early.


1. Keep everything ready-

Have you packed your pencils, pens and admit card? Do you know what you should wear? Should you carry a bottle of water? These are the questions you should ask yourself right now. Keep everything you need for the exam all packed and ready to go, so you don’t have to face that last minute panic of forgetting something.

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2. Brush through your notes-

Go through your notes and revise the concepts that you have already learnt. If you have gone through a number of mock tests, you will have narrowed down the vast syllabus to a few questions that may be asked tomorrow. Focus on those and brush through all the important concepts. Try not to study for too long and do not pick up any new topic at this time. Trust what you know.

3. Eat healthy-

Studying hard can make you hungry. Your brain will crave all sorts of junk food and heavy dinners. Do not give into this temptation. You do not want to be having health issues in the middle of the examination as it will waste the time you could have spent answering a question. So make sure to eat healthy and stay healthy.

4. Be positive-

These last few hours are when you require all the positivity that you can get. Surround yourself with the people who make you feel happy and comfortable, take part in some fun (not too strenuous) activities and laugh a little! Being happy will boost your confidence during the exam.

5. Reach on time-

Once the exam begins and you arrive late, you will not be allowed inside the centre. Leaving for the exam centre early will benefit you more than arriving at the last minute. Getting there early will eliminate the needless panic of missing the exam. So, wake up early, leave early, reach early and you will be fine.


Lastly, make sure to keep calm. JEE mains is a tough examination. This is one milestone in life and there are many more paths to cross. No matter how you do in the exam, you should remember to treat this like an experience and enjoy it.

All the best!

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