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JEE Advanced 2018: Last minute tips and tricks

JEE Advanced 2018: The examination will be held on May 20. Here are the last minute tips and tricks to follow before the exam

Written by Rajshekhar Ratrey | New Delhi | Updated: December 14, 2018 7:31:39 pm, JEE Advanced 2018, JEE Advanced examination JEE Advanced 2018: The examination will be held on May 20

JEE Advanced 2018: Around 2.2 lakh students will write the JEE Advanced that will be held on May 20 this year to secure admission in the top IITs. These 2.2 lakh have been chosen based on their score in the JEE Main exam which had been attempted by close to 11.4 lakh students across the country. It is beyond doubt that being eligible to appear for the JEE Advanced exam is an achievement in itself. These students have bigger dreams than just qualifying to one of the toughest exams in the world. For all of those students, and for others appearing for various entrance exams across the various states, here are a few last minute tips and tricks.

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JEE Advanced 2018: Last minute preparation tips

Revise what you find difficult first: Focus on what you have found difficult over time. This can be complex topics, important formulae, or complicated sums. Remember that understanding these topics is the key, not memorising them.

Don’t start anything new: If you have not been able to study a particular topic over all this time, don’t begin it at the last minute. You will only get confused in your hurry to understand it in depth, and may panic.

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Prioritise topics with higher weightage: Although JEE does not officially release the weightage that will be given to topics, it has maintained similar patterns over the years. A look at previous question papers will give you a fair idea of possible weightage and you can study accordingly.

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Take mock tests, learn from your mistakes: You often tend to make common or silly mistakes while you have given your mock tests. Sometimes, you make these mistakes repeatedly. While preparing, keep a list of common and repeated mistakes. Go through these one day before the exam.

JEE Advanced 2018: The night before the exam

Take time out to relax: If you have been studying all day, spend the evening doing something that you enjoy. This will give your brain time to rest before the exam day. Keep in mind that you have to be alert and energetic the next morning.

Be packed and ready: Pack your bag with all essentials, including stationary and most importantly, your admit card. Think of everything you had packed for the JEE Main exam and add anything that you may have missed out on. Packing your bag beforehand is important to avoid panic the next morning.

Get enough sleep: Sleeping well gives your mind and body time to relax from the stress of the impending exam. 7 – 8 hours of sleep is ideal the night before the exam.

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JEE Advanced 2018: During the exam

Peace of mind is essential: Reach the exam center well before time to avoid any last minute panic. Ensure that you stay hydrated through the exam since water helps to calm your nerves. Keep your mind calm and take deep breaths every time you feel nervous.

Scan through all questions before starting to solve: A quick scan of the questions will give you a rough idea of how lengthy the paper is and how tough the sums are. This will help you plan the amount of time you must dedicate to each section.

Play your strengths: Start by solving your strongest subject first. This will help boost your confidence and will keep you motivated through the paper. Moreover, the time that you save here will help you in other sections.

Take care of time: Time will always seem to fly when you are attempting the JEE Advanced exam. Keep an eye on the clock and skip questions that you find difficult. When you feel that you are stuck, make a couple of notes next to the question and move on to the next.

Avoid guesswork: Like the JEE Main exam, the JEE Advanced exam also has negative marking. Avoid guesswork while attempting this exam since you will only end up losing marks.

Use your break well: The JEE Advanced exam is like a marathon, not a sprint. You must keep your mind calm during the break. Focus on relaxing and eating light. If discussing answers riles you up, stay away from other aspirants and spend time revising formulae.

JEE Advanced is not just about your skill set, or what you have learnt over the years. It is also about being in control of your mind. This exam serves as a deciding factor for the lives of lakhs of students across the country. We wish them all the very best and want to remind them that qualifying for this exam in itself is a big feat.

-The author is the VP,  Educational Content,

The author is VP, educational content,

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