In India, a degree from the US is highly valued: Ranil Herath from Devry Education Group

As per a recent report, the number of Indian students in the USA has increased by more than 28 per cent in the past one year to reach a new high of nearly two lakh.

| Noida | Updated: October 12, 2016 2:44:58 pm

The United States of America is among the most-favoured nations for the students. In a recent report by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the number of Indian students in the USA has increased by more than 28 per cent in the past one year to reach a new high of nearly two lakh.

Probably it is for this reason, private universities from the USA are showing keen interest in India. One such is DeVry Education group which is promoting its medical universities for the Indian aspirants.


Ranil Herath, managing director-international, talks on how Indian students can pursue medical courses in the US and what will be the recognition of their degree in India:

Why are private universities showing interest in India?
Private US universities are striving to increase diversity to its traditional student’s population and in turn, offer opportunities for foreign student to experience a US education. In India, a degree from the US is highly valued. Hence, Indian students know they can increase their earning power with an American education.

USA compared to UK or Australia still has a relatively low number of international students as a percentage (approximately 4 per cent international students in the US compared to close to 30 per cent in Australia).

How recognised is a degree from American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine (AUC) and also for practice of medicine in India?
One needs to fulfil the prerequisites in India according to the guidelines laid down by the concerned Indian authorities to start practicing in India. All foreign medical students, including AUC graduates, go through the same process — they must apply for registration, eligibility, additional qualification, good standing, temporary registration and IMR Certificate(s) through the MCI online or through physical application. Post that, the MCI will go through the decision process and take a call on whether or not to provide the license to practice in India.

What are the steps for an Indian student who wants to practice medicine in the USA with regards to USMLE?
If an Indian student wants to practice in the USA, they would need to pass years 1 and 2 at AUC (located at St Maarten), travel to the USA and pass United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE).

The first step is to complete years 3 and 4 in the USA or UK and then pass USMLE. Only after all of those steps would they be eligible to enter the US Residency Match. This of course is all contingent upon the fact that they would need a visa to arrive in St Maarten, travel to the USA for Step 1 and for clinical rotations.

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What is the percentage of placement post acquiring a degree? What happens to the remaining students?
Placement or residency programmes are training modules which allow the resident to perform as a licensed practitioner but to train under the supervision of an experienced professional. To provide a background, the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP), also called the Match, is a United States-based organisation created to help match medical school students with residency programmes.

With respect to 2015 class’s performance in the 2016 Match, there were 41 graduates who entered but did not match in 2015. Of those, 37 (90 per cent) re-entered the 2016 match and 57 per cent of these secured a successful match.

Dr Chumley created a handful of Clinical Fellow positions, which puts students back into the clinical setting to continue beefing up their applications for residency. Other students have done a 1-year MBA from Keller. The purpose behind this is to keep the students in an education setting — thus, delaying their loan repayment.

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