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IIT-Kanpur to help Tripura schools build their data bank

The overall education system can be improved by preparing a databank of state-run and state-aided school, for this Tripura government seeks help from Indian Institute of technology.

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Tripura government takes IIT-Kanpur help to build a data bank of schools [File].
The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) has been roped in by Tripura Government to prepare a data bank of state-run and state-aided schools, as part of its efforts to monitor the education system in the state, says an official.

The bank, comprising information on the status of teachers, non-teaching staff and government programme
implementation in primary and secondary schools will be key to improve the overall education infrastructure, he further added.

The cost of the project – Data Intelligence Solution -will be borne by private companies under their corporate
social responsibility (CSR) activities, the education department official said.

“A minister or a high-ranking officer will be able to access the data bank online,” he explained.

The project, which has been successfully implemented in Jharkhand, is also making its way to Bihar among other
states, the official added.