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How to choose the right subjects after class 10: Commerce, arts or science?

Here is a four-step guide to help you decide which stream is right for you and what to do after class 10

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— Written by Ayush Bansal

Once the class 10 exams are over, students stand at Robert Frost’s ‘crossroads’. What will you do next? Will you take the road less travelled or go for the one trodden by many? For the first time in your life, you’ll have to face a question that might haunt you all your life, “What are you going to do after this”? Here is a four-step guide to help you clear this dilemma:

Step 1: Know about different careers (Exploration)

The first step should be to start knowing about all possible career options. What is the kind of work you will do in different careers, the opportunities, earning, the entry pathway, explore some of the famous personalities in that career and read about their journey? You should take the help of online platforms which host content on different careers and start the exploration. One important aspect here is to keep your thoughts completely unbiased while you explore different careers and try to read about maximum options.

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Step 2: Know yourself

The second important step is to know yourself. Now that you know about various careers, it’s time to analyse yourself in terms of your aptitude, personality and interest. Take help of a psychometric career assessment tool that can help you to analyse your aptitude, strengths, personality traits and your interest areas.

Step 3: Finding right-career fit (matchmaking)

Now that you know about different careers and your own aptitude, personality as well, the next step is to do the matchmaking and identify the right fit for yourself. This is a very critical step where you need to pick the right career on the basis of your strengths. Taking a career counsellor’s help with a personalised session is really helpful to do this matchmaking. The counsellor uses the results of the psychometric career assessment tool and helps you in deciding the right career.

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Step 4: Selecting the stream and subject combination


Every school will have a list of streams and different subject combinations it offers. On the basis of the career cluster you have identified as the right fit, now select the stream between Commerce, Science and Arts. One needs to look at the eligibility criteria for the career cluster in the country one want to study. Next, one can select the stream and subject combination. Knowing the country where you want to pursue your under-graduation is important as each has its respective eligibility criteria in terms of subject combination in class 11 and 12. It is very important to finalise the country and career cluster, based on which one can select the right stream and subject.

If there is a career cluster/course you want to pursue, which does not match with the stream/subject your current school/board is offering, explore a different school proactively.

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Also, while choosing the right stream, it is very important to come out of the following myths as well:


— High scoring students can choose only science and they should not take arts or commerce stream.
— Arts is for weak students only and there is no opportunity in this stream.
— Arts is only for girls. Please break this gender stereotype.

Break the myths, explore new-age careers, know yourself, and find the right career to select the stream and subject combination.

— The author is founder and CEO at – a career counselling firm

First published on: 11-04-2020 at 17:58 IST
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