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Saturday, August 08, 2020

Class 5 student invents device that sounds alarm to maintain safe social distance

According to the 9-year-old, this is a native technology and can be used to make wearable devices, doorbells, and switches or items of public use, from which one needs to maintain distance.

New Delhi | Published: July 3, 2020 6:23:51 pm
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— Written by Ishika Aggarwal

Ensuring social distancing is a herculean task for authorities to manage, but a class 5 student claims to have developed a device, which can sound an alert if the safety protocol is violated.

According to Hiten Gautam, a class 5 student of Modern Public School, Shalimar Bagh, the device ensures the user maintains social distance. The system alerts the user with a sound and glowing LED light if someone comes within 10 centimeters or less of the device. The nine-year-old informs that the native technology can be used to make wearable devices, touchless soap dispensers, doorbells and switches or items of public use from which one needs to maintain distance.

It took almost five days for him to complete this project, he says, with his parents and teacher helping in creating the device. It was developed at the government-run Atal Tinker Lab (ATL) at his school. Hiten loves science and watches related videos on YouTube and wishes to become a scientist in future.

Asked how he got the idea, he replied, “I used to watch videos related to ultrasonic devices which produce a high-frequency loud noise. My school seniors working in the ATL lab inspired me to make this device.”

The Arduino software has been used for coding and uploading codes on the board of the device. The device also uses a five-volt buzzer, LED lights, Arduino board, breadboard, male-to-male jumper wires, and USB wire to connect to a PC. The device is yet to be launched and there is no commercial tie-up so far.

Hiten’s father runs tea and coffee vending machines, while his mother is a teacher in a government school at Adarsh Nagar, New Delhi.

His mother, Jyoti Shahraja remarked, “Hiten has always been curious about electronic equipment and gadgets and used to play with coffee vending machines as a toddler. He used to dismantle all his toys too.”

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