CBSE exams 2017: Revise notes, leave for exam centre early; know how to spend a day before the exam

CBSE exams 2017: Revise notes, leave for exam centre early; know how to spend a day before the exam

Take a walk, keep your admit card in your bag and all the things you need to know before you enter the exam hall

CBSE exam 2017: Do not go above the word limit. This will only waste your time.

It is the last day before the Class 10 and 12 CBSE exams officially begin. On March 9, students will be walking into exam centres to give their first paper.

Class 12 students will appear for the English (NCERT, core and functional) examination while Class 10 students will be appearing for Dynamics Retail, Info Tech, Security, Auto Tech, Int. Tourism, Dynamics Retail, Info Tech, Security, Auto Tech, Int Tourism, Beauty And Wellness.

Here are some things you must remember on the last day:

Relax– It is the evening before the exam and you have spent the entire year preparing for it. There is no point in trying to learn a topic now and panicking will just add to the pressure. Take a stroll, talk to your loved ones and relax.


Revision– Do a quick revision, if you like, but do not read too deeply or you will get confused. If you have made notes, glimpse through them and trust what all you have learnt.

Items– Keep all your stationery, identity cards, clothing and documents ready for the next day. You do not want to be rushing about trying to find a pen in the last minute or be stuck outside the centre because you forgot your admit card.

Early to bed– Staying up late to revise will eat up your sleep time and cause further panic. You require a good amount of sleep to let your brain be fully functional during the exam. Even if worry is driving you sleepless, stay calm and let sleep come to you.

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Early to rise– In the morning, wake up early, glimpse through your notes again and see if you can recall the important points. Do not panic if you do not. If you have prepared for this before, memory will serve you well.

Reach on time– Remember to leave for the exam centre early and reach on time. Take a quick check of things you to carry at the exam centre. If you are diabetic, you can carry a snack. The CBSE recently mandated that Type 1 diabetic students should be allowed to eat between the exams.

Seating– The exam centres will have displayed the seating arrangement. Check where you will be sitting and clarify with the authorities at the exam centre for any confusion.

Read before you write– Read the question paper carefully in the 15 minutes that is given before the exam. Underline the important word and jot down the points that you may forget later.

Write what you know– Attempt the questions you know first. Answer neatly and confidently and highlight the main points. This will give the examiner a good impression.

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Word limit– Do not go above the word limit. This will only waste your time.

Attempt everything– Attempt all the questions even if you are unsure about them. Since there is no negative marking there will be no extra penalty for giving the wrong answer. If you are lucky, you may just score a few points for trying.

Read what you wrote– If you still have time left after answering all the questions, go through your answers again and correct any mistakes in case you spot them.


Stay calm, be cool– Finally, no matter what marks you’ll get in the future, you will not get the experience of giving the board exams again. So take the boards as an experience that you survive or conquer and remember to remain calm and confident.

All the best!

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