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How CBSE Class 12th toppers prepared for the board exams

CBSE datesheet is likely to release soon, spoke to some of the CBSE toppers to know how did they prepare for their class 12 examination., CBSE, CBSE toppers, CBSE datesheet, CBSE board exams, CBSE class 12th boards, CBSE board, board exams, board exams preparationStick to NCERT as they are the prescribed books (Graphics by Dinkar Sasi)

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will next month release the date sheet for 2023 board examinations for both class 10 and class 12. spoke to CBSE Class 12 toppers regarding what advice they have for this year’s students and how they should prepare for the upcoming exams. One common piece of advice given by the toppers was to “stick to NCERT books.”

Megha Goenka – DPS, Guwahati (98%)

Focus on understanding rather than mugging up. Try making weekly timetables and following them, keep buffer days in between where you can complete the pending work. Also, practice as much as you can, do a topic, then practice questions, complete a chapter, then practice questions and even after completing the syllabus , practice mocks. Apart from these, don’t forget to relax, take out time for yourself, spend some time with your family and friends. Otherwise, you’ll get exhausted in a week or two.

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The winter season is here and I understand how difficult getting out of bed is but just remind yourself that working hard now will only better your future. With CUET, the competition has gotten stiffer.

Dishank Gandhi– Darbari Lal DAV Model School, Delhi (94.8%)

The NCERT books are extremely important and all students shall go through them thoroughly. The CBSE scores are used as a tie-breaker in case CUET scores clash. So even if you score full marks in CUET, you can’t be sure of your admission to your preferred college. Also, good CBSE percentage indicates that the person is well-prepared which will eventually help in CUET preparation. Entrance exams are important but so are board exams. I used to prepare by reading the same chapters again and again till the date of my exams.

Sneha Dey– Cambridge School, Noida (97.8%)

Like any other student, social media was a distraction for me as well. However, unlike many others, I didn’t completely cut it off during my exams because there has to be a balance between everything. Therefore, I fixed my time for both entertainment and studies. During my study time, I would keep the phone switched off in some other room so that it is not easily accessible to me. Also fixing a time for my entertainment worked as a reinforcement for completing studies. I also had set a target for each day that I’ll complete a certain chapter or topic within my study hours for that particular day.

My only advice to the upcoming batch is, there is no one size fits all method to study and score well. Each one of us has our own process and if we feel that’s what works best for us then we should sincerely follow that. What’s important is to weigh the consequences of whatever action we take. Something that is harder and demanding is also more rewarding.

Richika Saikia– NPS International School, Guwahati (97.6%)

My advice would be to stick to NCERT as they are the prescribed books and revise regularly and make notes. Everyone has their own unique way which suits them. For my studies, I mainly focussed on reading NCERT books and revised them thoroughly as many times as I could. Unlike my friends, I did not have any social media accounts. I was active on Whatsapp during my 12th as I didn’t want to have any distractions but at the same time I did spend time on the internet during my study breaks. So being able to balance between social media and studying was the main key.


Deeksha Choudhary– Holy Cross School and Jesus & Mary Academy, Darbhanga (97%)

Many students often get too busy attending coaching classes that they get less time for self-studies. Students should not lose focus on the NCERT books as these are extremely important. Read them again and again and you are good to go. One must remember that determination is the key to success. In order to achieve their aim, students should set small attainable goals that they can achieve within a stipulated time. In times like these, it is difficult to stay away from social media but one doesn’t have to completely refrain from it, just balance it out. Take out time for fun as well as studies.

First published on: 27-11-2022 at 11:56 IST
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