CBSE Class 12 Psychology paper 2019: Suggestions to score perfect 100

CBSE Class 12 Psychology paper 2019: Suggestions to score perfect 100

CBSE Class 12 Psychology paper: The Psychology paper will be conducted on Friday, March 29. Revise these suggestions before appearing for examinations.

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CBSE Class 12 Psychology paper will be conducted on Friday, March 29

CBSE Class 12 Psychology paper: The Central Board of Secondary Education will conduct the Class 12 Psychology examination on Friday, March 29. Students have already prepared thoroughly, but a methodological preparation in the last minute can help you to score better. It is definitely not the right time to start new chapters but these tips will help a student to secure a better percentage.

CBSE Class 12 Psychology paper: Preparation tips to score perfect 100

According to Ajay Singh, Principal, Genesis Global School, Noida, “There are in total nine chapters in Psychology, of which chapters 1, 2 and 4 are quite tough while the chapters seven, eight and nine are easy. The students can expect long questions (6 marks) from the chapters on Intelligence, Personality and Abnormal behaviour.”

He also said the questions on GAPS model of stress, Rogers model, Abraham Maslow Pyramid are frequently asked, and students need to draw pictures on these questions.

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Regarding the one marker, the Psychology teacher suggested some topics from where questions repeatedly came in the examination. “The questions on violence and aggression, defence mechanism, self-esteem, kinds of self, the name of psychologist, principle used in treatment will be asked. The students should attempt the one marker at last after completing all the sections as even a one-word answer will fetch them complete marks.”


The two, three and four marker questions can come from any chapters, he added.

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The question papers follow the NCERT pattern and the students who have studied thoroughly can easily score 100 marks. “The students should revise the last five year questions well including the sample papers. The paper will be of NCERT based,” said the teacher.

The CBSE Class 12 examinations will be concluded on April 4, 2019.