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Friday, July 20, 2018

CBSE class 12 exams 2018: Smart tips to prepare for Business Studies paper

CBSE will conduct class 12 exams from March 5 and these tips from teachers will help you understand how to play last few days of the exam.

Written by Meera Pandey | New Delhi | Updated: February 13, 2018 1:12:00 pm
CBSE, 12th exam date, business study paper tips CBSE to conduct Business Studies paper on March 9. (Representational image)

With just two weeks to go for the Business Studies paper, it is time for students to prepare short notes, revise different topics and attempt time bound written practice. CBSE will conduct class 12 exams from March 5 onwards and the Business Studies paper is scheduled to held on March 9. These tips will help you score well.

— You may not be able to solve a complete paper every day, however, you can attempt a part of the paper. For example, in about half an hour, you can solve one 6-mark question (14 minutes) + one 4 mark question (10 minutes) + 4 to 5 one markers (5 minutes).
— Concentrate on topics that you are not very confident about. Also devote some time to, revising the easier topics.
— Time management is crucial. As expected for the first five days of March, you will be studying English for the major part of the day. So the two weeks preceding that must be divided into the 12 Chapters of the subject, judiciously.
— In your spare time try to read case studies and understand what the examiner has tried to ask. This will make you familiar with the kind of language you should expect in the question paper and prepare you not to panic if you don’t understand the language in a question.
— The three days’ gap prior to the Business Studies paper must be utilised in final revision, concentrating on content as well as presentation.

— When you sit to write the Board Business Studies Paper, be confident, think positive and trust the hard work you have put in.
— Read the paper very carefully. Remember, the presentation of work is as important as the content. Try to answer in the given serial order (desirable).
— Change the order, if you must but attempt all parts of a question at one place.
— Do not panic if you see a question or two that you don’t understand. Concentrate on what you know.
— Try to complete the paper as per the time allotted for different questions and revise it for sure.
— Do not leave any question unattempted
— No matter how you have done the paper, do not indulge in thinking about it after it is over as you have to appear in other papers as well.

The author is PGT English, VidyaGyan School

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