CBSE exams 2019: Tips, dos and don’ts to score more than 95% marks

CBSE exams 2019: Tips, dos and don’ts to score more than 95% marks

Follow these tips to score more than 95 per cent marks in CBSE board exams 2019

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Follow these tips to score more than 95 per cent marks in CBSE board exams 2019

CBSE exams 2019: Studying for the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Board Exam 2019 is a different process for every student. Nevertheless, many points are found to be common among those who score above 95 per cent marks. We have brought together all those points which have been followed by CBSE toppers in past, and tips recommended by teachers and educators, that will help students get more than 95 per cent in CBSE Board Exams 2019 that are starting on February 15 2019 for class XII, and February 21, 2019 for class X.

CBSE exams 2019: Tips and tricks 

1. Have a timetable that suits you.

First things first. You need a timetable. You should have a daily timetable that bifurcates at what time you should do what including eating, sleeping, studying, tuitions or coaching classes, entertainment, extra-curricular activities. However, your timetable should be according to you, your body clock, your tuition times, your travel time for school and everything else. Even study timing should be of those times where you are most alert and active.

For example, if your school starts at 8 am and it is near then maybe you can study in the morning, however, if it starts at 7 am and it is far, then perhaps not. Basically make sure that it is a timetable that you can follow and not taken from a friend, or the internet.

2. Practice last 10 year CBSE papers, 10 sample papers


Solving past year papers help you understand what sort of questions are asked and be prepared for them. Likewise, CBSE sample papers make your speed and accuracy better.

3. Study subjects that require memorisation in morning

There is no best time of day to study. However, early morning time when one has woken up from a refreshing sleep, eaten a nutritious breakfast, is the best time to memorise things. At this time, your brain is more alert and can absorb names, places, dates, formulas. As afternoon time rolls in, your brain gets better at processing information and making connections with information already learnt.

4. Surround yourself with supportive, confident people

You are afraid of boards because you have been told it is tough. You get even more afraid when friends tell you they are scared or that they do not think they will do well. Stay away from such people, be with those who inspire you, motivate you to be better every day. This really helps!

5. You must study and solve NCERT 100 per cent

CBSE prescribes NCERTs for all classes from I to XII. All questions asked in board exams are either similar or close to questions of NCERT, barring a few that may come as very tough questions. In any case, all questions in CBSE exams come from topics covered in NCERTs only.

6. Study regularly

CBSE topper Raksha Gopal studied 5-6 hours daily. If you study daily, your brain will not forget things.

7. Work on your paper presentation

How you write your paper is as important as what you write in your paper. Your paper should be neat, presentable, legible. Even if your handwriting is not awesome, you can work on making it presentable.

8. Stick to word limits

For a 1-mark question, write maximum one or two lines, or around 15 words For a 2-mark question, write in two-three lines, or around 40 words. For a 5-mark question, if feasible, write in points. Write at least 5-8 points. Before points, give an introduction.

These are applicable usually in language papers. However keep in mind that it is useful on an as-applicable basis, depending on subject and question.

Dos to score more than 95 per cent marks in CBSE Board Exams 2019

Theoretical topics are best studied with imagination

When you study a topic, relate it to things in your mind and you will more easily remember them

Write down all formulae and key points in one place

Listen to background music without lyrics

Study to learn

Study with pleasure. If you are unable to understand a topic, seek help from a teacher.

Don’ts to score more than 95 per cent marks in CBSE Board Exams 2019

Do not procrastinate

Do not daydream while studying

Do not fool yourself that you have studied a topic if you have not actually understood it

Do not disturb your sleeping pattern


Do not just read mathematical problem solutions, solve them with pen on paper.