Panjab University: BA Home Science students get questions on human rights

Panjab University: BA Home Science students get questions on human rights

Examination delayed by an hour, PU Controller of Examination mails handwritten paper

THE STUDENTS of BA Home Science appearing in their final semester exam were in for a rude shock on Tuesday when they saw their question paper. Instead of questions on home science, the paper had questions pertaining to human rights. The exam in colleges got delayed by over an hour as the office of Controller of Examination (COE), Panjab University, took time to mail the handwritten paper.

The home science exam was scheduled to be held in the morning. After the distribution of question paper at 9.15 am, the students realised that except for two questions from section A, the remaining questions pertained to the subject of human rights. Only the questions given in Hindi were as per syllabus unlike those in English and Punjabi. Concerned students raised the alarm and informed the superintendent deputed to conduct the examination, who further informed the office of COE at Panjab University. The examination was delayed by an hour, as the students waited for the new question paper. The COE office sent the fresh handwritten question paper to colleges via mail at 10.15 am. The examination restarted around 10.40 am as photocopying of the question paper took some time in colleges.

“As the question paper was photocopied, the sanctity of the paper was lost as it must have gone through many hands. The paper could have been used by anyone to get it solved for cheating purposes, as it came via email,” said a Senate member, requesting anonymity. He added that the manner in which the examination was being conducted raised questions on the efficiency of the office of COE.

On Monday, a similar incident took place when instead of organic chemistry, almost all questions in the paper pertained to inorganic chemistry paper, which resulted in students getting hassled. COE Parwinder Singh said, “There was a mistake by the printing press. When the mistake was pointed out, we sent a handwritten question paper to the examination centres within 10 minutes. Moreover, most of the students study home science in Hindi medium, the section which did not have any flaws.”