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10 unusual classes you can take in school

There are many countries which provide an opportunity to indulge in some mind-blowing activities like furniture making, short course in ice cream making to garner interest from students all across the world.

unusual courses, craziest courses, offbeat courses You can take up classes to groom yourself for beauty pagents

Ever wondered if your favourite hobby or interest was offered as a course in your school or college? Won’t it be amazing to utilise your entire time and energy in doing something constructive, which has always pulled your attention? Although India still needs to gear up in providing such off-beat courses, there are many countries which already provide an opportunity to indulge in such mind-blowing activities which garner interest from students all across the world. Right from tasting wines to climbing trees, there are numerous attractive courses available worldwide, which may turn your passion into a profession.

Check out these 10 unusual classes you can take in school

How to win a beauty pageant? — Oberlin College, Ohio

Ever dreamt of walking a ramp, wearing the latest designer dresses and achieving global recognition by showcasing your talent and confidence? If yes, this course at Oberlin College, Ohio is your catch. The popular pop culture website BuzzFeed recognised the course for the second time. The course is offered in the first semester and analyses US beauty pageants from the 1920s to the present.

Right from teaching a candidate how to groom, to making them understand the past, present and future of such pageants, one studies about cultural history and critical discourse analysis of the United States over time. You will also get a chance to visit a pageant in Ohio.

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Seats available: 15

Wasting time on the internet? — University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

If you’re an internet addict and love to surf, upload pictures and explore different websites, pages, etc then the University of Pennsylvania has a special, mind-boggling course for you. Called ‘Wasting time on the internet’. You will be provided with a laptop and a wi-fi connection to indulge in aimless surfing into substantial works of literature. The duration will be three hours and you will only be allowed to interact through chat rooms, bots and social media.

Elvish as a second language — University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA

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Attention ‘Lord of the Ring’ fans. Now you can speak and write Elvish (the fictional language developed by J.R.R Tolkien), which is taught by the leading expert in “Sindarin”.

Tree climbing — Cornell University, Ithaca, New York

Each one of us has wished to climb those tall, lush green trees, searching for birds or just to feel the fresh breeze up there in our childhood. The ‘Tree Climbing’ course in this university will teach you how to use ropes and climbing gears to reach the top of any tree, look around and climb tree to tree without returning to the ground. You don’t require any experience to get enrolled for this course.


The art of walking — University of San Francisco, USA

Your daily simple strolling will be turned into an exploring experience. With the help of your senses, you will examine the city, its neighbourhoods and individuals. No prior experience necessary. A variety of artistic strategies is used to evaluate how the city serves as a canvas, page, or stage for artistry.

Ice cream short course — Penn State, USA

The only eligibility requirement here is that you should love ice cream. The short-term course will help you learn the ins and outs of ice cream manufacturing. Every year, almost 120 students from all over the globe attend this programme. It is a seven-day course, offered annually in January and will help you learn some secrets of ice cream making.

Participants: Baskin-Robbins, Ben and Jerry’s, Blue Bell Creamery, Hershey, HP Hood, International Dairy Queen, Mars, Inc., Nestle, Sealtest, Schrafft etc.

Intro to wines — Cornell University, Ithaca, USA


Every wine lover should enrol for this course if they want to learn about different local and international wines. The class is held for two hours. You get to taste 6 oz of wine every class — but only in 1 oz portions. Discover components of wine: flavour, appearance, structure, texture and impact.

Furniture Making — MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts

You will pay a visit to the decorative arts collection at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and will review the history of furniture in America. Students will get to learn traditional woodworking techniques with the help of different tools. The course will enable you to design and build a piece of furniture from an original design. Students will also get an opportunity to practice design without using a building programme or code.

Surviving the zombie apocalypse — Michigan State University

You will be taught to survive different kinds of catastrophes, with the main focus on ‘zombie apocalypse’. Yes, you heard it right. It is an award-winning multimedia online learning immersive experience which allows one to explore and identify human psychology and behaviour during tough hours.

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