Delhi Confidential: Telling Silence

Delhi Confidential: Telling Silence

When Prakash Javadekar was asked if he believed Nishank's remarks on Ram Setu and the Himalayas, he evaded the question with a smile.

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Prakash Javadekar

Union HRD Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank’s remark at IIT-Kharagpur on Tuesday, describing Ram Setu as an “ancient Indian engineering marvel that astonishes the world even today“, appears to have embarrassed many in the party and government. When his predecessor, Prakash Javadekar, who happened to be in the party office for a press conference on Wednesday, was asked if he believed Nishank’s remarks on Ram Setu and the Himalayas — Nishank had said the Himalayas guard against pollution by developed countries, absorbing poison “like Nilkantha” — he evaded the question with a smile.

Green Drive

PRIME MINISTER Narendra Modi’s warning note on pollution caused by single-use plastic in his Independence Day speech seems to be having an effect. At an event for community radio stations on Wednesday, just before Union Minister for Information & Broadcasting Prakash Javadekar’s arrival, the organisers realised that they had placed plastic water bottles on the stage. So there was a last-minute scramble, and the bottles were removed. Javadekar is also the Union Minister for Environment, Forest and Climate Change.

Editor’s Note: Responding to the report ‘A New Record’ which stated that the Delhi High Court is set to designate Advocate Tanmay Mehta as its youngest-ever Senior Advocate, K K Bhati, Registrar (Designation of Senior Advocate Secretariat), High Court of Delhi, has written saying the report is “factually incorrect and misleading” and “till date Mr Tanmay Mehta has not applied for being designated as Senior Advocate”. The error is regretted.