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AAP redux of Congress, Kejriwal new Rahul of politics: Chandrasekhar

The Union minister interacted with students and faculties of RK University and CU Shah University in Surendranagar on the first day of his two-day long tour to Gujarat Monday.

Union Minister Rajeev Chanrasekhar interacts with students of the Saurashtra University in Rajkot, Tuesday. Express

UNION MINISTER of State for Electronics, Information Technology and Skill Development, Rajeev Chandrasekhar Tuesday termed Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) as a redux of Congress and Arvind Kejriwal as new Rahul Gandhi of Indian politics who, he said were trying to buy votes by promising “giveaways” while doing nothing to transform future of people.

“Aam Aadmi Party is in a sense a redux of what the Congress was some years ago. They don’t promise you any better future… What they are doing is effectively getting or trying to get your vote with the promise of some giveaways to you—I will give you free power, I will give you free water, I will give you some allowance. Nowhere in that narrative is about how their governance ideology will transform your future,” Chandrasekhar told The Indian Express on the sidelines of an event in RK University on the outskirts of Rajkot.

The Union minister interacted with students and faculties of RK University and CU Shah University in Surendranagar on the first day of his two-day long tour to Gujarat Monday. On Tuesday, he interacted with students and faculties of Saurashtra University and Marwadi University in Rajkot.

Chandrasekhar added that the BJP government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi are working for defined goals, like increasing per capita income of Indians, AAP presents no such vision.

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“Our entire philosophy, Prime Minister’s philosophy, our ideology, our governance goals are that India should go from here to there, that Indians should go from here to there and that the 2,000 USD per capita income should become 20,000 USD… In this process, it is clear when the Aam Aadmi Party speaks today, they are basically trying to talk about the same old model that Congress did for several decades,” he said.

“There is a marked ideological difference between how the Prime Minister wants to build Gujarat and India and how Aam Aadmi Party and Arvind Kejriwal are becoming the new Rahul Gandhi of Indian politics,” he said.

The Minister said that the technology sector created 10 lakh new jobs in India over the past 1.5 years and that the rollout of the 5G mobile services will create more employment opportunities and innovations in the information technology domain.


He said that as of 2014, around 90 percent of all mobile phone handsets used in India were imported but now 97 percent of phones consumed in India are manufactured in India.

He accused the AAP of borrowing what he said was the Congress model of funding its politics from proceeds of alcohol monopolies. “AAP is a new version of Congress. This alcohol corruption model of funding politics through alcohol, who is the pioneer of it? Congress in the south of India. In my state, Karnataka, for decades, Congress funded elections through alcohol monopolies,” he said.

He downplayed AAP’s success in Delhi. “First of all, Delhi is not a state. It is a Union Territory where their only responsibility is collecting alcohol excise duty and spending it. They don’t deal with law and order,” the BJP leader said, adding, “With great respect to Arvind Kejriwal, he is effectively playing a grand fraud. I am using a strong word here, effectively borrowing same old, tried and defeated ideas of Congress, repackaging them with the sheen of sincerity.”

First published on: 05-10-2022 at 03:25 IST
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