Cops arrested for extorting money from MBBS students

Cops arrested for extorting money from MBBS students

The four have now been sent to 14-day judicial remand.

An assistant sub-inspector of the Punjab Police and three head constables were arrested on Tuesday for allegedly forcing two final-year MBBS students to bribe them even when the students offered to be challaned after being caught for a traffic violation. The four have now been sent to 14-day judicial remand.

To make matters worse,the four policemen allegedly took the bribe at an unauthorised naka they had set up outside their jurisdiction and forced the students to get the money from a nearby ATM. It was only after the students paid Rs 1,000 were they allowed to leave.

The incident occurred on April 4 near Vallah where a patrolling party of the Amritsar Rural Police led by ASI Narinder Singh and head constables Wassan Singh,Punjab Singh and Balraj Singh intercepted students Jasan Jaura and Sidharth Kaushik. The duo were travelling on a motorcycle after visiting a mall on the outskirts of city at about 3 pm.

“My friend Sidharth Kaushik was riding the motorcycle. In fact,he is learning to ride and did not have a license. When the policemen stopped us,they demanded Rs 2,000. We requested them to issue a challan for the violation,but they threatened us to take to the police station. They had their faces covered and we had no other choice. I made a transaction of Rs 900 from an ATM and took an additional Rs 100 from my pocket to pay them. It was only after this that they let us go,” Jaura said.


The two students of a government medical college then filed a complaint with the Amritsar Police.

Sources said that Amritsar Commissionerate police had a tough time identifying the personnel involved. The students had reportedly provided ‘names’ of the cops and the registration number of the police vehicle,which was parked at the naka.

Police sifted through the commissionerate database and after finding that details provided by the students did not match with any in the database,also investigated the angle that some robbers may have posed as police personnel.

“Police investigations have revealed that the cops extracted money by setting up an unauthorised naka. The students were not carrying enough money with them. They were forced to make a transaction from an ATM. The cops named by students were not posted in Amritsar police commissionerate and once we thought that it might be the handiwork of some robbers posing as cops. But,further investigations revealed that the cops were in fact on patrolling duty and were posted with Amritsar (Rural) police. We are also scrutinising the ATM transaction details of the students on that day,” said Amritsar ACP (Traffic) Ketan Patil.