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Sunday, July 22, 2018

You and I alone are accountable for ensuring safety and protection to our lives

This refers to articles about accidents and related issues (Pune Newsline,November 27).

Published: December 5, 2013 3:53:30 am

This refers to articles about accidents and related issues (Pune Newsline,November 27). My compliments to Pune Newsline for bringing this major problem to the fore.

The statistics mentioned are alarming and the graph of accidents,sadly,seems to be heading north. The photo featured in the report about the pillion rider about to fall with a car right in front and on the collision course is telling. I wish a few more photos were featured in the same article. That way,the wake-up call intended about rash driving and disregard to traffic rules could have been well driven home. Lack of discipline while riding,disregard to safety and traffic rules,not using helmets and a craze for speed — all this has been very effectively driven home in one of the articles. One more aftereffect,hitherto rarely made known by the media,has been highlighted to the readers like us — the trauma and the pain that the family members of accident victims have to suffer.

We,the members of the public,like to blame these accidents on the road conditions and ineffective traffic police. While these are valid reasons,the key reason is vehicle drivers like us failing on several counts,which have been mentioned in the earlier paragraphs — reckless driving,not taking traffic rules seriously and neglecting safety measures. After all,you and I are alone accountable for ensuring safety and protection to our lives. It cannot be thrust by somebody else. I am certain that among readers there must be those who are connected with educational institutes. I would urge such readers to display these articles on notice boards. Housing societies in Pune must also display these articles likewise. Hopefully,this could prove to be an eyeopener to all vehicle drivers and eventually bring down the accident rate.

Nobin Pradhan,

B-1,1004,Rose Parade Society,Off NIBM Road,Kondhwa

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