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Word of Mouth

Rashmi Hiray,a BBA student at MIT,swears that no food tastes as good as what is served at Vishwaraj snacks near her college

It was my first day at Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT) and after just one lecture,my friend Tanvi took me to Vishwaraj Snacks. The experience was out of the world. For starters,I had some yummy cheese pakoda,followed it with my favourite dosa and soda,and to finished it off,there was mango candy as dessert. It was a complete and mouth-watering meal that did not pinch my pocket at all.

Since then,I have taken everyone else there. Ninety per cent MITites can be heard saying,“Chalaa anna kade jaauya (Let’s go to anna’s) or chal tapri par chill karte hai (let’s chill out at the shack)”.

Often when we have a tiring day,anna comes to our rescue. When me and my friends head there,he greets us with a smile and has amazing jokes that work as great stress busters. Since we are regular customers,even without ordering,our dishes are laid out before us. He is really understanding and often gives us concessions when its the last few days of the month.

The menu has a variety — right from samosa to idli,dosa,vada pav and sandwich to even Chinese items. The best dishes,however,are Schezwan dosa with orange chutney and Masala soda. Also,one cannot miss Anna ki Chai. I can bet anything,anna’s food is yummier and better than any five star.

(As told to Bhavani Boro)