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With his own start-up, CoEP student races ahead in app world

The moment you pass a grocery store, it will remind you that you need milk.

At a time when every engineering student in the city is appearing for placement interviews, Shashwat Pradhan, a fourth year student of College of Engineering, Pune (CoEP), is already an entrepreneur planning to expand his company. With one of his apps “topping the charts” last week in BlackBerry World and another too among the top ones, Shashwat now plans to extend his expertise to other platforms like iOS and Android.

Emberify, which was founded by Shashwat, has two developers and a designer working for it at present. “It was founded on July 25 (2014) and I was operating it in stealth mode till now. I first wanted the apps to do well and then go public about it,” said Shashwat, a final year student of computer science engineering. Emberify is a start-up company working on consumer-based analytic and utility apps.

“Using contextual information, cloud integration and analytic technologies, we aim to create a more relevant mobile experience for their users. Emberify has also been accepted into FbStart, a start-up mentoring program by Facebook,” said Shashwat.

While Shashwat’s parents are from IIT Kanpur, his elder brother works in the US and his younger brother is studying in Delhi Public School here. “I always wanted to start something of my own. I took up computer science engineering so that I could make my own start-up,” said Shashwat, who hasn’t appeared for any of the placement interviews happening in his college.


The first two products of the company in the last three months, Instant and Reminder Now, were well received by the target group. Reminder Now is an app that gives the user reminders based on his/her location and requirements. “For example, if you want to buy milk, enter that in the app. The moment you pass a grocery store, it will remind you that you need milk.

Similarly, if you have to discuss an important topic with someone, the app will remind you once the person calls or texts you. If you have to submit a project or anything like that, the app will remind you the moment you are leaving for your office etc. Hence, this app is very useful. Reminder Now made it to the No. 1 slot last week in the category of paid apps in BlackBerry World, which hosts over a  hundred thousand apps,”  said Shashwat.

The other app, Instant, helps one track the use of cellphones. “In this age where technology is taking over, people have become cell addicts. This leads to many requiring apps that can help them track the usage of phones. This app can be set in a way that it tracks your daily, weekly and monthly cell usage, analyses the kind of usage and then gives you a full report. If you want to use your cell for only four hours a day, the app will tell you to stop once you have reached your daily limit. This is especially useful for people in the business world and parents who want to keep a check on their children using cellphones. This too was among the top apps,” said Shashwat.

There is another side to Shashwat, which is totally opposite to the tech world he lives in. “I am a professional disk jockey and play once every month. I invested whatever I had saved up till now through my job as a DJ and other activities into this company. I will be giving internships to my college mates this December as I am planing to expand. My aim is to make more apps that are user friendly and highly useful to the society in general,” said Shashwat.