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Water shortage kills Holi plan

Few Holi events in city today.

The water shortage in the state has stuck Holi plans of clubs and resorts in the city as well. Every Holi,clubs and water parks plan events such as rain dance and other water games to celebrate Holi but this year they have decided to cancel these events.

“We had earlier planned the events as usual hoping there will be relief from water shortage in the city. But seeing no improvement in the situation,we decided to cancel our plans at the water park,” said Rakesh Wadhwa,owner of Event Dynamics,which organises a Holi bash at Sentosa Water resort in Ravet.

“The problem is serious and we don’t want to hurt people’s sentiment using so much water for playing Holi when there are places in the state with no water to drink,” he added.

The Corinthians Club,Kondhwa,has called off Holi celebrations on their premises. “Every year,we hold a rain dance,the main attraction. For this many water tankers are used. We don’t think it is feasible to use this water for the event. Even after the event,we require a lot of water to clean up the venue. We figured that the best option would be to not host the Holi event this year,” said Vishi Oberoi,food and beverage manager at Corinthians Club. He added that the administration of the club cancelled the event this year to avoid unwanted friction with political parties who would oppose wastage of water.


Residency Club,Bund Garden Road,is keeping a careful watch on their water distribution system and its authorities feel they cannot afford to use water for the Holi party. “When we announced cancellation of our Holi party,we received a mixed reaction from our members. Some understood the gravity of the situation and appreciated the wise decision to save water and some were upset because they were looking forward to the merrymaking,” said Chandrakanth Kamdle,General Manager at Residency Club. The Royal Connaught Boat Club on Boat Club Road has informed its guests that water would not be wasted during Holi. The guests are only allowed to play with dry colours on the premises. The same rule for playing only with dry colours will be followed at Manali Resort at a Holi event ‘Don’t mind,it’s Holi 2013’.

“We will shut down water rides and pools so that we prevent wastage of water. We have 13 DJs who will keep the audience entertained with live music. We believe you don’t need to waste water to have an awesome time and celebrate the festival. Instead of water,we will be bathing in music this Holi,” said Baggio Caleb,aka DJ Baggio,the organiser of the event at Manali Resort.

City-based event manager Santosh Gupta who organises Holi events at various locations every year is against the idea of celebrating Holi this year. “Even if we organise an event for guests to play only with dry colour,we will have to use much water to clean the venue after the event. That is why we have decided not to organise any Holi event this year,” said Gupta.